Dishonoring Our Veterans

It is difficult to imagine a greater disgrace to the nation’s war dead and servicemen and women in general on Veteran’s Day than the despicably distasteful politicking by Le Enfant Terrible and his Rovian hacks this morning when he preened around in front of the troops, once again using them for political cover while he launched cowardly attacks on recently emboldened Democrats and other opponents of the Iraq war. Employing standard right wing demagoguery along with good old fashioned buzz phrases George W. Bush embarked on a search and destroy mission upon which he denounced revisionist history (a HUGE right wing slogan that taps into decades of resentment, a virtual Rorschach test for whackos looking to attack and debunk any contradictory evidence or dissent to their John Wayne world views), war critics and declared the majority of Americans who now question the biggest clusterfuck of a foreign disaster in the history of the United States as those who would undercut the forces on the front lines and accommodate the rise of the radical Islamic empire that is being built from Spain to Indonesia: the Left Behind crowd was probably so giddy over this line that they peed their pants in anticipation of the rapture and Armageddon .

Facing a growing public awareness that the neo cons and the Rove shop cooked the books in order to launch Shock and Awe and a torrent of leaks that threatens to turn into a raging flood, the Bush-Rove-Cheney triad resorted to a familiar tactic today; they did what all skunks do when cornered and launched a diversion by polluting the air with foulness while at the same time pissing on the solemn parades of Veteran’s Day observerances throughout the country.

It was an epic performance from a man so patriotic that he used his rich daddy’s influence to land him a coveted and rare spot in the National Guard so that some other poor bastard could go to Viet Nam and risk either death or capture/torture while he was safely flying a desk in Texas and chasing tail, snorting coke and knocking back shots of tequila on off duty days; and as if that weren’t a big enough of an insult to the man who had to go to a tropical hell in his place the sleazy little punk couldn’t even be bothered to show up for the last year or so of his obligation to duty! He may not have had the balls to go off to fight when it was HIS time but he sure as shit has developed a set of brass ones to pull off a shameless dog and pony show like he did today at the the Tobyhanna Army Depot. Bush stood in front of yet another one of those cheesy slogan laden banners proclaiming ‘Strategy For Victory’ as he launched his craven attacks from the bully pulpit, damning not only his political opponents but the memory of all of those who have served their country with honor or are doing so today long after he dressed up like Maverick from Top Gun with a pair of rolled up tube socks stuffed down his underwear and strutted around like a Banana Republican dictator in front of a ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Bush also played to all of the arm chair patriots by dragging out the great hunk of brainless jingo spewing nationalist red meat that is the flag burning amendment:

“In June the House of Representatives voted for a constitutional amendment to ban flag desecration. I urge the United States Senate to pass this important amendment.”

Is it possible that there is anything more disrespectful to Old Glory than allowing it to be used as a wrapper for exteme right wing Republican turds? And what would a product relaunch be without the ubiquitous references to 9/11, Islamic fundamentalists, global war on terror, the swapping out of Pentagon created bogeyman Zarqawi for ‘Iraqi resistance’, terror, terrorists, terror, terrorists, 9/11, Al Queda, terror, they hate our way of life, Zarqawi, terrorism, September 11th, terrorism, kill Americans, militant Islam, democrats, 9/11, with us or against us…yada….yada…yada…. same old bullshit from this bunch of thieves and traitors.

The entire transcript of this nauseating spectacle is available here if you are able to stomach it.

Veteran’s Day was so tarnished by its exploitation by the Republican Slime Machine that it was it was as though the very gates of Hell itself swung open today and discharged every damnable disgrace of a flag waving, repugnant, chickenshit sorry excuse Repug from the bubbling sulphuric dung pits where they normally thrash around amongst each other like rabid rats in a fetid nest.

Draft Deferment Dick Cheney, the man who had ‘other things’ to do while his less fortunate peers were bleeding to death in rice paddies to stop the domino effect of those who in that era hated Americans for their way of life slimed out of his secluded bunker just long enough to defile the memory of veterans in an appearance at Arlington Cemetery where he dissembled once again and invoked what else…..terrorists.

A rejuvenated Karl Rove fresh off his ratting out of Scooter Libby and prancing around like a giddy grand kid on the Gauleiter’s knee made an appearance in front of the bund, preaching the destruction of the courts to the extremist fascist members of the Federalist Society.

And the Repug band played on throughout the day, driving the news cycle and inundating the blogosphere with self serving spin and fear mongering rhetoric while trashing war critics and Democrats.

What a sad day, for not only America but for all of those veterans who sacrificed everything and in many cases lost everything just so that one day Republican neo con punks, pimps and thugs could hijack their national day of honor and piss all over their service to a country that they once faithfully defended in order to mislead those who are wise to their anti-American criminal activity and have no qualms over who they use in the process.


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