RepubliKKKan Droogs

That the Obama administration’s piss-warm financial reform plan is now going to be round two in the war against America courtesy of the Republican fascists and their vicious army of thugs, buffoons and useful idiots was entirely forseeable. I have to give it to the scumbaggers, their vast and unstoppable stupidity is a force of nature and will only escalate the vitriol and continue to poison the political atmosphere in Der Heimat even as it begins to splinter and spin off those who finally are able to see the light about their colleagues in Newt’s Sturmabteilung. Friday’s suprise announcement that the Great Satan, Goldman Sachs is being sued by the SEC should have had the Beckers, Palinazis and other white populist warriors reveling in a blow against the oligarchy but instead it is just going to be the next great rallying cry as the wagons are circled to protect the interests of Lloyd Blankfein and the rest of the thieves on Wall Street, Republikkkan Senate leader Mitch McConnell met with a pack of hedge fund hyenas last week and is now out railing against Obama’s reform efforts with a vigor renewed and the wind in his sails soon to be powered by billions of FIRE segment dollars greenlighted but the Roberts SCOTUS decision that corporte cash is king.

Pretty soon it is no doubt that Sarah Palin, the avatar of assholiness and darling of the wretched and electronically lobotomized dregs of fucked over white America will concoct some new line of rabble rousing horseshit like the death panels that were used to send the brownshirts screaming into town halls last fall. There is already a massive rally planned of beer swilling, pistol packing peckerwood slobs and slobettes gathering outside the District of Criminals to display their anger at that horrible black man who is destroying this god-kissed imperial lemming colony and to display their political impotence by waving their fully loaded blue steel penis extensions. Were the dumb and destitute truly serious about sending a message to the real terrorists they would be holding their gathering on Wall Street but that might not jibe with con artist extroardinaire Glenn Beck who bilked the jabbering jackasses in the tea party for $32 million last year – now there is a man who is watching out for the interests of the common folk! In an interview with the gospel for the moneychangers that is Forbes Magazine, Beck stated that “I could give a flying crap about the political process” which of course would be shouted down as a liberal media lie by the droogs who worship him and make him filthy rich. And there is of course no point in sharing the wonderful story that the father of the Koch brothers who fund the Republikkkan tea partiers made his family fortune off of Stalin. Then it really didn’t bother the swine that their hero George W. Bush’s grandpa was laundering money for Hitler either.

That there is such a state of denial in the now fully co-opted by neocon Republican tea party that reality has been chucked through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole where the Red Queen Palin is serving psilocybin mushroom tea to the minions in vats straight out of the Rev. Jim Jones compound in Guyana. Palin represents a zealotry and dangerous anti-intellectualism that is on a par with only the Khmer Rouge who brutally enforced the doctrine of Year Zero when they sacked Cambodia. With such a disconnect and a complete inability to comprehed the most basic tenets of what constitutes reality such a violent and recalcitrant subsection is now metastazing into the sort of disease that eats away at the pillars of a society (even one as lost and decadent and morally repugnant as ours) like termites and a damned good solution at least in my opinion would be gas the more rotten and violent elements and I don’t mean tear gas.

Then I do like to think outside of the box and I am ahead of the curve on this one, it will soon be more obvious when a few of them go Timothy McVeigh and blow up a building full of innocent women and children and Palin and Beck will find a way to make a buck off of it all. But these idiots need to be put down like the rabid dogs that they are.

Just my two cents over the morning cup o’ joe


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  1. In an interesting footnote I got a wild hair up my ass and posted an extremely toned down version of this on our local Tea Party board where I happened to have signed up.It was of course immediately sent down the memory hole because it called them out for being duped by Republican scum into being an extension of the Marco Rubio for Senate campaign. While it did get killed the lady who is the admin did write me a nice letter informing me that it offended some of their members (the Beckers of course who are incapbable of critical thinking) and she actually agreed with me that the GOP was largely responsible for the ruination of America. I have now had conversations (off the boards of course) with two of the more prominent local leaders of the teabaggers and they at least seem to get it, although they seem to understand that there would be no audience without the brain dead idiot dead enders.More laterEE

  2. What clearly is happening, in some small ways and in some small circles, is a total re-organization of political allegiance, moving away from the GOP (which was hijacked by the neo-cons) and the Democratic Party (which was hijacked by the neo-liberals), away even from old fringe groups (although some libertarians are re-thinking, re-learning and re-organizing), even away from new wannabe or faux parties (tea, coffee, maybe even peppermint schnapps), perhaps even away from old "gathering holes" of Second Amendment fellows, ThreePers, "militia"), and into something-that-is-not-yet-defined. I'd like to think — and I am a grassroots organizer for it — that it might have something to do with the merger between being informed and being connected and being concerned.

  3. Yeah, I will keep working on the ones that I think can be reached and when I am able to break through I will hammer the shit out of the illegal NSA spying, the PATRIOT ACT and all of that other fascist surveillance crap that they were down with when Bush was riding tall in the saddle.Not so funny now that it's being used against them is it?EE

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