Jew Wars

He strode into the chambers with head held high, a spring in his step, he was now in his full glory, in conquered territory and it was glorious. Bibi Netanyahu had the red carpet rolled out for him by the U.S. Congress, it was an abominable display of fecklessness and fealty by a body that has approval ratings lower than whaleshit but with their royal treatment of the drunk on hubris Israeli Prime Minister showed that despite the rhetoric and histrionics over the malarkey that is health care reform that they can still come together for that which is truly important. Despite the travails of recent weeks after the ugly back-handed bitch-slapping of lapdog V.P. Joe Biden and the dirty war in the trenches of the Zionist saturated mainstream media it was a moment of triumph for Bibi, he was home and the shvatsa could just go and fuck himself.

It was a telling moment about the loyalties of our elected so-called representatives, there was unity towards a common cause and it wasn’t in rebuilding the American economy, putting the jobless back to work, fixing the abortion of a health care bill in which a forced mandate to buy protection from the same insurance parasites has been rammed up all of our asses by the state’s jackboot, repairing crumbling infrastructure, upgrading education or halting foreclosures. It was a unifier of the treacherous charlatans that only falls short of the adulation for baseball sterioids dog and pony shows and the accompanying witch hunts where muscular (albeit chemically enhanced) man children take to the stand to tearfully admit their sins and subject themselves to the tirades and hectoring of America’s must useless institution short of the judiciary.

Bibi has won for the time being, the key for the continuation of Zionist genocidal policies is in being able to keep the cash flowing from the U.S. taxpayer to finance the bombs to blow the dirty Arabs back to Allah so that God’s chosen people can be free to murder Palestinian women and children, steal their land and harvest their organs. Pat Buchanan had it dead on when he referred to Congress as “Israeli occupied territory” so dig deep, the taxman will continue to extract your money to support a war crazed paranoid colony of sand niggers hellbent on nuking Iran and kicking off a war that will ultimately make the body count from WW II seem like chump change. Their sleazy neocon propagandists have been busier than usual lately in prepping the battlefield for Bibi’s visit, Herr Kraüthaummmer among others is holding court at the WaPo and the insipid Abe Foxman of the McCarthyist smear shop ADL has been a prominent spear carrier after the Biden incident.

The most interesting aspect of this current “family feud” as deeply embedded Israeli mole Joe Lieberman called it is that a former neocon darling, General David Petraeus has gone rogue, it didn’t get much play here in our Tiger Woods obsessed media (to no surprise) but the bunker buster revelation that our real life General James Mattoon Scott actually came out AGAINST America’s one-sided worship of Israeli war criminals is stunning. In a January CENTCOM briefing Petraeus dared to blaspheme the nature of the special relationship:

In his prepared testimony, Petraeus, who until now has been hailed by many pro-Likud neoconservatives as the greatest U.S. military commander of his generation and possible presidential material 2012, argued that “Arab anger over the Palestinian question limits the strength and depth of U.S. partnerships with governments and peoples in the AOR [CENTCOM’s Area of Responsibility] and weakens the legitimacy of moderate regimes in the Arab world.”

“Meanwhile, al-Qaeda and other militant groups exploit that anger to mobilize support. The conflict also gives Iran influence in the Arab world through its clients, Lebanese Hezbollah and Hamas,” he added.

Elaborating on that theme, he said that “A credible U.S. effort on Arab-Israeli issues that provides regional governments and populations a way to achieve a comprehensive settlement of the disputes would undercut Iran’s policy of militant ‘resistance,’ which the Iranian regime and insurgent groups have been free to exploit.”

“[P]rogress toward resolving the political disputes in the Levant, particularly the Arab-Israeli conflict, is a major concern for CENTCOM,” he asserted, adding that the persistence of the Arab-Israeli conflict had an “enormous effect” on the strategic context in which we operate….”

Daniel Levy, an Israeli former peace negotiator based at the New America Foundation, said, “To the extent to which the latest events have given rise to a debate over whether there is linkage between a broader American security interest and a credible peace process, Petraeus weighed in today in the most unequivocal terms by articulating at some length not only the existence of that interest and linkage, but also just how front and center it is to the military.”

“What Petraeus made clear – and that should be a wake-up call for Israel – is that the unresolved Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the entrenched occupation are placing an increasingly unbearable burden on the U.S.-Israel relationship, and the best way to address it would obviously be to resolve that conflict,” he added.

The Petraeus flipping scrambled the squadrons of winged monkeys here in Der Heimat, notably the aforementioned Abe Foxman whose ADL launched a smear campaign against the wayward General and his vile anti-Semitic comments. I remember not so long ago when Petraeus was worshipped by the neocons, especially the three-headed monster of Lieberman, McCain and Graham so his speaking of the inconvenient truth had to be stomped on and hard before any other warmongers wandered off the ranch. This would seem like an indication that Obama may just have the military behind him (or at least a good part of it) and there could be one very serious rumble brewing between the two factions being the neocon shadow government and the actual elected government. I have long suspected hard core Zionist elements aligned with the U.S. Cheneyites in the cutthroat style of American Gladio campaign that is being waged against Obama utilizing the idiotic Beckers, the tea party turds and the previously mentioned weasels in the Israeli occupied U.S. Congress. What has been occuring is a pretty transparent campaign of destabilization and de-legitimization against what now appears (Biden’s shameful bootlicking aside) to be an administration that may finally be one that stands against Israeli genocide and human rights abuses. Whether the Netanyahu government backs down is yet to be decided but early indications are that the hostility in the alleged holy land will continue to be ratched up with illegal settlements until there is an eruption of state sponsored beatings, rapes and slaughter, napalming and running over people with bulldozers so the fanatical settlers can light their illicit cribs with light emanating from behind lampshades made of Palestinian skin and to drink the blood of dead babies for Passover wearing yarmulkes made out of hollowed out human skulls.

The ugliness of the Republican dirty war has gone to the next level following the humiliation of the passage of the malodorous health care bill on Sunday and accounts of Naziesque acts of right wing violence are already being reported like this pogrom inciting redneck yahoo from the asshole of America known as Alabama: Democratic Offices Vandalized Across the Country. This seems to be eerily reminiscent of a certain historical event that may ring a bell: Kristallnacht. I find it pretty ironic (and hypocritical as hell) that many Zionist right-wing Jews are down with this sort of despicable thuggery but it suits their agendas and that agenda of course is to take down the Pope of Hope with extreme prejudice and get on with the Palin administration and the PNAC global domination tour II. Don’t think for one second that Sarah Palin’s wearing of the Israeli flag pin during the grand scumbagger soiree in Nashville (or wherever in that fucking hick hellhole Tennesse) as well as recent comments goading Obama into attacking Iran aren’t carefully orchestrated by the Cheney shadow government and their influential propagandists like Herr Kristol. By rousting the domestic rabble with their vicious smear campaigns and S.A. Brownshirt Beckers out in full force it will also draw in the Rapturheads who need a Middle Eastern conflagration for Jesus to come back and for them to fly up to God dirty nasty nekkid to lovingly view the rest of us suffer. If the fascist swine RepubliKKKans are to retake Congress in November (as they likely will) look for impeachment proceedings to be launched against Obama.

That is if the whole shebang doesn’t blow sooner than that which is possible. In a disturbing bit of news there are shitloads of big fucking bombs being shipped to Diego Garcia right now for a likely strike against Iran that will bomb them back to the stone age and trigger the war that finally brings Jesus Fucking Christ back to avenge himself ala Timothy LaHaye’s Jesus V.2 and the Raptureheads can just stop dancing around like gerbils high on McChrystal meth at their idiotic Becker bund rallies and blissfully float dirty nasty nekkid up to sat at the food of God’s throne while the rest of us infidels are left to tear each other to shreds with our rotting from nuclear fallout teeth, pound each other into submission with our boil covered arms and be eaten alive by gigantic insects like something out of Starship Troopers (hey, it’s more realistic than that psilocybin and moldy goat cheese conjured fever dream that is the Book of Revelations) for their amusement. Then again maybe not, maybe we’ll all just perish in the ensuing ball of fire when everyone keys in the launch codes – The missiles are flying. Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

So as the Rapture clock continues to tick towards the witching hour and the Republicans and their droogs go into full battle mode in the hope that one of their idiotic militia types decides to undertake a mission from God against Obama the Antichrist maybe some of the more rational and pragmatic types versed in Realpolitik in the Pentagon should do as the immortal General Buck Turgidson in Dr. Strangelove suggested “If…we were to immediately launch an all-out and coordinated attack on all their airfields and missile bases we’d stand a damn good chance of catchin ’em with their pants down”. ….and launch a premptive strike on all Israeli nuclear facilities, airbases and military strongholds in order to prevent World War III and force a regime change in Tel Aviv where the maniacal zealots can be removed from power so that the path to peace will be unimpeded. Hey, it’s outside of the box thinking like this that made America great.

But of course any sort of thinking is of course a fantasy, just as likely as say many of the zany teabaggers reaching the literacy level of eighth graders, the Israeli embeds in the U.S. media will continue to treat borderline retards throwing temper tantrums as legitimate political opposition, the bought and paid for (and threatened and blackmailed) Congress will continue to rubber stamp weapons of mass destruction for Israel’s wars of aggression and the military will fall into line lest the obscene profits of neverending holy wars in the Middle East (and Eurasia) be cut off, there is much money in trafficking in death and after all, it is our top export these days. And of course Lieberman and McCain like the true maggots in the mix that they are will continue their ongoing destabilization of America while they are given cover by the FOX propagandists and the ongoing harvest of the low-hanging fruit that fills the kettles of the tea partiers. Next up for the dynamic duo is the Enemy Belligerent Act which is just one more nail in the coffin of liberty and is directed at folks like us, you know, the white folks out on the internet like Jihad Jane.

It would be nice to see DARPA and the Military Industrial Complex start spending more money on something a bit more forward thinking other than tanks, flechette bombs and the rest of that boondoggle bullshit – how about a real functional time machine? That would be wonderful, they could test it on Lieberman first, just strap his scrawny ass in and set the dials for Auschwitz.

Just my two cents


editor’s note: This post is a Manageable Ants exclusive because there is NOONE who would allow this fifty megaton bomb of freedom of speech to be posted in unedited form anywhere!

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  1. All that and not a word abut Alan Sabrosky, Ph.D. … well, there is more to follow, I'm sure, and the tale(s) get thicker and more interesting.

  2. Speaking of Dr. Strangelove maybe Bibi can ride the first bomb down into Tehran like Slim Pickens.The Weasel Queen makes me want to vomit. BTW – I stole that label from the Scumbaggers, it's the only thing they are good for. EE

  3. I have to laugh as Bibi Militovsky spoke of preventing a nation from threatening its neighbors with nuclear weapons when it is STATED ISRAELI MILITARY POLICYthat if it is in danger of succumbing, it will take out everything and everyone within range of the very weapons it insists it does not have. As for the Speaker of the House, see "The Pelosi Sanction" here:

  4. I thought and conferred about this one Ed.Thing is, sometimes inflamed rhetoric only causes backlash: Pity for those who don't deserve it.I think the blood drinking shit takes away from your argument and makes you seem full of broad hate. You see, I WANT to change people's thinking on this. I want authors like the one I cross posted today, and Assaf from dKos who was our guest to write on wwl. I want Jews in Israel willing to lend credence to the fascist overtake of their government; and willing to post for me not to have to read "Jews drink baby blood."You know I love your screeds, but there is no reason to go all KKK on it. The Jew/blood thing is as bad as saying "Fags are pedophiles."Dig?I think advertising the FACTS on the GROUND from first hand people living there and hating it is better than running people off.Free Speech is worthless if it is not effective in what ends you are trying to make happen.I'm sorry if you think that makes me or my site a sell-out, or pussy-ish. I just think you go too far lately because you ENJOY it.Not because its true, because you enjoy it.Sigh.Gonna take a pass on this one.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to comment D, you are always welcome to drop by whenever you feel like slumming.EE

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