Hey Rahm, Fuck You Too!

In a wonderful bit of good ole American ‘Up Yours Too’ that hasn’t been seen in quite some time the filthy corporate Democrats took it right up the butt in Massachusetts when poor old pickled Teddy Kennedy’s Senate seat was lost to GASP…the Republicans. This was beautiful and the shit rain is only on the horizon right now, the real fireworks are coming in November. After the ugly mocking embedding of a dagger between the shoulderblades of the party base I wonder if the Obama brainless trust and Raht Emanuel are having second thoughts this morning. This is what happens when CHANGE is promised and then ordinary working people lose their jobs and insurance to goose rapacious corporate profits, the banker scum on Wall Street is bailed out with taxpayer money and then goes right back to gambling and bestowing obscene bonuses on their criminal executives while millions are homeless and unemployed, the wars are escalated, the Bush criminals are not held accountable and in the latest indignity, a top Obama advisor, Cass Sunstein comes up with an idea to infiltrate ‘conspiracy’ groups that smacks of COINTELPRO.

Oh, and just how many people were finally done with the teflon coated bullshit salesman when he decided to adopt the phony 9/11 War on Terror rhetoric in the aftermath of the national panic that was the false flag underwear bomber incident on Jesus’s fake birthday? I guess that now the honeymoon is over for any thinking person who was quick to catch on to the ugly truth that Barack Obama is just a well packaged, supremely well promoted corporatist product whose sheen wore off in an amazingly short amount of time unlike the old fraud Ronald Reagan who is still conning gullible schmucks from the grave today. The O-Bots and their sycophantic swine co-opted bloggers and television show hosts will have blood in their eyes starting this morning as the purity purge begins and the dangerous far-left berserkers are cast out for not being ecstatic about the bailouts, sellouts and wars (of course Medea Benjamin, that Code Pink cunt is not included because of her Afghanistan war cheerleading). The coming war across the prog blogs is going to be ugly, wretched and brutal….a war of attrition between the entitled laptop thumping twits who frequent Daily Kos and the other fake left honeypots and the principled few who wear their criticism of Obama for the same things that they attacked Bush for like a badge of honor.

Now of course on the so-called right, especially the co-opted by Dick Armey, FOX and the RNC phony tea party movement there is joy this morning and deservedly so. It is always easier to harvest the low hanging fruit and the neocons have done a masterful job in hijacking the Ron Paul movement for their own political benefit. Trot out a brainless bitch like Sarah Palin, a loser like Glenn Beck and a fatass like Limbaugh to rouse the rabble and it’s easy to take over a larger entity, hey, the Bolsheviks weren’t a majority either. So there will be great joy in Republican bund meetings today and an increased vigor to wrestle back the controls over the massive government spoils system starting in November but like all idiots who lack both common sense or clarity they do not realize that in the Scott Brown win lie the seeds of their own demise. The anger in America is NOT going away and the Republicans are the default position in a rigged two party sham that only allows the incumbents to be punished when in all honesty every last one of these pigs should be run out of office and redirected to the nearest prison where they belong.

What will happen is that the millions of angry people who are drawn to the garish Astroturfed tea party spectacles, especially the cash cow National Tea Party Convention in Nashville in a few weeks that the shmoes can’t afford tickets for will soon find out that they have made their deal with the devil much like liberals did with Lord Obama. With the aforementioned Pope of Hope now officially a lame duck and once the secret Muslim, Communist Nigger has been run out of Washington on a rail in three years who is going to be the scapegoat then? I can forsee the Republicans playing with something that they really can’t comprehend other than that the worst of the dregs may be able to provide short term political gain but they are the minority in something much larger, and much more uncontrollable than they realize. It was largely Bush and the fascist Republicans who got us all into this mess to begin with and they sure as hell don’t have any solutions on how to make it all better.

What then? When both parties have been thoroughly and deservedly discredited, as they should be the angry teabaggers and fucked over leftists just may find something in common and then it will be time to roll out the guillotines.

Just my two cents over the mornin’ cup of joe


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  1. excellent rantage, although I am skeptical that the teabaggers will see the light, so to speak. I do hope I am wrong about that, however.I wrote a somewhat similar post at QAO, "Why the Left Should Celebrate Chris Brown's Victory"

  2. I have a lot of contempt for the teabaggers but so many of them are just sheep, perhaps the smarter ones (now that is an oxymoron) can be peeled off from the herd and pointed in the right direction.There are schisms within that group and they are just there for the taking if the right message is able to tune out the FOX-Beck corporate elite garbage. Of course there is also much scum with no brain and no hope, like the Palinazis for example, the bigots and the Fred Phelps clones. I'm telling you, there is a ready made movement out there and while the idiots on the left are busy whining, making excuses and coming up with absurd conspiracy theories about how Dead Ted's hallowed seat could ever be lost there will be no such movement from those fools.Thanks for stopping by, I am enjoying the hell out of my recently declared independence.EE

  3. I agree, the left will likely not tap into & harness their fierce (albeit misdirected) rage.I am not sure how one would successfully drown out the bleating of the Beckers and the Palinazi's to get a word in edgewise that might convince a teabagger to consider a different perspective. And even if you did, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage have already set up shop in their brains, and they aren't going to go quietly into that good night.Do you think there are in fact adequate numbers of…thinking teabaggers(?)…who are capable of and willing to genuinely entertain the possibility that the Democrats aren't a bunch of commies hell-bent on legally mandating faggotry in elementary schools and euthanizing granny? Could these folks be persuaded into viewing the Dems as neo-cons in hippies' clothing?

  4. At this point I really don't see much hope than in trying to deal with the sane elements of the angry army even if you have to hold your nose to do so. Look at Massachusetts, the left has now hit bottom in Murka and it ain't comin back brother. The thing with the baggers is that so many of them are johnny come latelies who didn't do a damned thing when Bush was in office and aren't exactly what I would call the ideologues like the dregs (ie Palinazis, racists, gay haters and Jesus juicers) and are easily led astray. The Beckers are dare I say going to be the low hanging fruit that are easier to harvest. The Ron Paul types are already allies against the system. Keep an eye on that Teabagger Party Convention where the cunt Palin was hired to speak for 100 k and all the rabble has been priced out by the RNC swine. There are already rumblings in the ranks that I have been monitoring and Herr Beck is now becoming more and more entwined with the GOP despite his faux hate both parties schtick.It is all about the anger at how we are being screwed and it's only gonna get worse after the SCOTUS thing yesterday that authorized corporations to spend spend spend.I really don't see much option other than to work with some of these people other than a total withdrawal, there is ZERO as far as organizing goes on the left.Their movement has been hijacked once and it can be hijacked again, the filth purged and then reconfigured as an anti corporate anti establishment movement.That is my take at leastEE

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