The Killa From Wasilla

The Cradle of American Democracy?

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.

-H. L. Mencken

The flag-swaddled, star-bellied Sneetches were in full-throated roar as Fraulein Fetus strode atop the stage in the Excel Center. She dragged out all of the oldies, the attacks on the damned liberal media (which the retrograde morons on the far right still believe exists), the elite (of course same elite does not the moneychangers of the financial cartels, big oil and the trust fund babies that the Republican party serves) and the great librul conspiracy. Ladies and gentlemen – they have successfully cloned a more appealing version Phyllis Schlafly and she’s about to grab one of her many shootin’ irons and go clean out them varmints.

You have to give it to the Democrats, in 2008 when the entire bogus conservative legacy has been exposed and discredited as the treacherous anti-American fascist looting society that it has always been, a movement fueled by hatred, resentment and just pure stupidity their willy-nilly fecklessness, piss poor strategy, failure to impeach and hold accountable the war criminals has committed the ultimate fuck up: they have allowed this coming election to once again be about ABORTION! This is unconscionable, and if the revival of the only recently demoralized and moribund supplicants of the Fetus Wars leads to the GOP mobilizing their Karl Rove megachurch money-laundering temples of avarice as bund halls from which they will emerge en masse like swarming armies of fire ants to goose step to the polls on Tuesday November 2nd then the only change will be that the most extreme elements of the fascist right will once again be firmly in control of the Republican party. With a great big assist to Nancy Fucking Pelosi and that dickless little pussy Casper Milquetoast Reid.

When you have a vicious and rabid animal cornered there is a conventional wisdom that such animal is at its most dangerous and that it likely to come out of the corner like a ball of hell and go right at the throat. Conventional wisdom also dictates that such animal needs to be put down before it does come out of its corner smelling blood, knowing it has nothing to lose and dives for the jugular. Sadly, the Democrats have given new meaning to ‘politics for dummies’ and in their zeal to crush the antiwar movement base with their heinous bait and switch of only changing the venue of the wars to Afghanistan (a country mind you that chewed up both the Brits during the heady days of empire as well as the dreaded Soviet machine), by triangulating and caving into Lord Bush’s domestic spying in granting telecom immunity and actually further enhancing illegal surveillance and by launching that great preemptive strike of taking impeachment off of the table before the 2006 mid-term elections. There is more and I could go on at length but why bother, you know the score.

It was only last week that Barack Obama’s triumphal speech on a beautiful Denver night in Invesco Field at Mile High that history was about to change, not that I am a believer in the wonder working power of the new Jesus – who ironically rode a donkey and despite the best efforts of the ultra-fascist right that has manifested itself in the vile form of a neo-Nazi Republican party did not fly an F-14 – it was still a hell of a good speech, rousing indeed. In any sane society the soaring rhetoric of that speech along with the magnificently choreographed finale to the Democratic National Convention should have sealed the deal and punched the jackass party’s ticket back to the White House. Here on the world’s biggest lemming farm in the land once known as America which was transformed by 9/11 and the rise of the police state into The Homeland we most certainly do NOT live in a sane society – in fact we put more distance between ourselves and any thing even resembling a modicum of reason and rationality with each passing day. The Democratic party lust evaporated faster than the passion of two Alaskan teeny boppers doing the nasty when a hockey mom just happens to get home early and catch them in the act. As the great prophet Winston Wolf once so eloquently put it: “Well, let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet.”

The triumphal high of Thursday was rudely dampened by that big dung encrusted pachyderm pissing on the embers of what had been a hell of a Bullshit-a-palooza fest by unpredictably announcing the current Governor of Alaska (arguably the third most corrupt state in the nation) Sarah Palin as the running mate of the straightest shooting bullshit artist that the media has EVER sold to the masses of asses. The perfect shot of gravy for the brain to the television addicted twits who still blissfully go about their business in their insular little dream worlds while the rest of the country crumbles around them. In all fairness to the war criminal (who nearly blew up the USS Forrestal because of his maverick style fucking around – but that is a story for another time) he actually wanted that calculating little Zionist rat Joe Lieberman, the Senator from Tel Aviv but was overruled by Rove and that filthy cabal of scheming traitors – The Council for National Policy (CNP) and the menace of the fanatical crusaders of the Religious Right was elated and ready for action, it was like Terri Schiavo never happened and Pastor Ted wasn’t outed as a crank head with a taste for having the occasional cock rammed up his asshole. The weaponized version of Jesus Christ was on the rebound and the latest flaming bag of dogshit just went up in flames on the DNC doorstep, a place where it had been parked by the same old pranksters who much to their glee have found a perpetually gullible mark for their amusement.

Since Wendy Kroy wasn’t available and Katherine Harris had long ago been relegated to one of the padded cells where the real fringe whackos are packed off too once they become an embarrassment the Republicans found the perfect replacement in ‘Sarah Barracuda’, a former beauty queen whose life story (airbrushed to cover all of the dirty little details that indicate a far darker and manipulative personality) was destined to be the smash hit of the new fall roster of television drama queens and a smash hit with the meat beating monsters of the dittohead angry army of maladjusted and pathetically fucked-up white males whose obedience to their pied piper of white populist propaganda approaches a dog-like loyalty. The Dominionists and the Christian fascists see in Palin a Trojan horse of sorts who can be counted on to keep the faith-based initiative graft floodgates open while at the same time using code words like “reform” to further undermine any and all social progress of the last century. This is a very dangerous woman and a very dangerous time to be playing games like this. The woman is already on record as saying that the Iraq war is a “task that is from God” – and statements like that are either of the worst sort of cynicism or more horrifyingly play into the entire Timothy LaHaye/John Hagee version of turning Iraq into nothing more than an appetizer for the main course of a conflagration set off by an attack on Iran: Armageddon baby, Armageddon!

But what is the most remarkable thing of all about Sarah Barracuda is that she plays into that great little storyline that has been slowly and lovingly been simmering like the cooking of a fine moose testicle stew and fed by a credulous and complicit media of the alienated Hillary Rodham-Clinton voter – the PUMA and their great uprising. Now that Palin stands against every women’s privacy and rights issue that Mrs. Clinton was a champion of doesn’t draw even the slightest bit of suspicion among the fat and happy public relations flacks and millionaire celebrity ‘journalists’, all that Palin represents is a magnet who will draw them to the Republican party come November to vote against their self-interests, chuck a lifetime of activism into the crapper and cast their votes for the man who has sworn a blood oath on a stack of bibles to pack the Supreme Court with clones of Antonin Scalia who will once and for all repeal the Roe v. Wade and deliver the Holy Grail to the most influential political movement since Adolf Hitler was able to dupe enough haters and goons to parlay his minor beer hall celebrity status as a demagogue into a murder machine unrivaled in the industrial age. When all of history is written on this sordid but rapid decline of the American empire it will show that nothing and I emphasize NOTHING has provided more fuel to the iron-fisted rule of Republican fascism than the anti-abortion movement that grew out of opposition to Roe v. Wade. Of course the Powell Memorandum that set up the entire faux liberal media conspiracy lie as well as provided the impetus for the founding of the think tanks was instrumental as well but the real glue that has held the extreme right-wingers together is the organized assault on Roe v. Wade.

But I digress….

That the very absurdity of the thought that hard-core feminists who supported Hillary Rodham-Clinton’s doomed bid for the presidency would chamber the round that would deliver the kill shot to women’s reproductive rights is never addressed is a mockery. In fact the very concept is as absurd as the former mayor of Wasilla Alaska would be a heartbeat away from gaining possession of the nuclear launch codes with the oldest man to ever mount a serious run for occupancy of the Oval Office even money to kick the bucket on any given day.

To me this stinks to high heaven, like an NBA playoff game manipulated to keep it close and bring in the advertising dough by ensuring that all series run the maximum seven games. This is the same sort of point shaving, along with a gaggle of pocket pundits and propagandists trumpeting misleading (and I am being charitable) poll numbers that is expressly designed to manage perception that this should be a close election. It is right out of the Rove/CIA subversion of democracy playbook and a very damning advance bit of circumstantial evidence that those voting machines are going to be once again utilized to steal a national election just as they were in 2000 and 2004. Just keep the game close enough so that one call or two (or precinct) can alter the results. Again, we have another one of those failures of the so-called ‘opposition’ party who never held serious hearings into the mass election fraud that gave us the Bushreich, but failure is something that these disgusting quisling Democrats have made into an art form – their appeasement and rank cowardice makes the Vichy French look like the conquering armies of Alexander the fucking Great!

So while the myriad of controversies that are now springing up as Sarah Barracuda is being vetted by non-affiliates of the CNP/RNC like ‘is it really HER baby?’, hers and her Northern Exposure style hubby Todd’s past associations with a secessionist movement (not that I think any state seceding from this fascist shithole is a bad idea), her abuse of power to use the office of Alaska state Governor to exact petty vendettas against her former state trooper brother in law and her sitting in the pews of a church while the message of anti-Jewish terror was “God’s judgment of unbelief” was delivered. Is it just me or is there a double standard because wasn’t Mr. Obama vilified for the sermons of Reverend Jeremiah Wright? Then there is her seventeen year old daughter is pregnant and unless the NRA darling is able to scramble up a shotgun wedding will be just another bastard child, another bit of the same old hypocrisy from the values volk.

But she is a hottie isn’t she? I keep seeing the acronym MILF (Mothers I’d Like to Fuck) popping up on message boards when Sarah Barracuda’s attributes are brought up. Sad, we live in a country where the important is trivialized, truth is ostracized, corruption rules, fear is everywhere and pure primal sexual instincts drive the thought of millions. It is as though we are devolving back into the cave dwelling beasts that once settled their political disputes by smashing each other’s skulls in with mastodon bones. It’s a sorry spectacle that makes one of conscience who possesses even a shred of dignity to be deeply ashamed of this country so decadent and dumbed down have we as a society become.


Just shake those titties for Jesus baby!

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