The Smell of Desperation: McCain Tabs Alaska’s Sarah Palin as Running Mate

No Fetus Can Beat Us!

From the man who previously brought us Monica Goodling, the callow, ideological twit in charge of polluting the Justice Department with the most wretched refuse from America’s most disgraced ‘law’ schools comes the bar none, worst vice presidential candidate for a major political party in history. Dan Quayle should be thanking the stars this evening because he is not off the hook for this infamous and highly dubious distinction. Meet Sarah Palin because just when you thought that the Republican party had finally hit bottom the powers that be (ie a chubby and elusive little criminal who goes by the name of Karl Rove) have not only hit the depths but awarded a no-bid contract to KBR to come in and set up shop for deep drilling.

Now we can argue this little statement till the cows jump over a green cheese moon that Dick Cheney (the bastard’s cardiologist should be public enemy number one) is the worst V.P. candidate (other than Mr. Potatoe Head) but your have to give it to the dark lord of the shadow government, he may be an evil and psychotic megalomaniac hellbent on world domination/destruction but at least he knows what the fuck he is doing and had a lifetime of experience in serving the more four overlords of the American empire when he anointed himself after being in charge of the selection committee. We still have five months left of Cheney too and he is on his way to Georgia next week to further provoke a war with the resurgent Russians so his resume could grow a bit more before he’s done but in nailing down the bottom spot on the Bush Jr. ticket he at least had been pre-qualified as a master war criminal. Palin though is still far more odious and not only due to her grossly thin history – which of course will be run through the doublethink and newspeak filters to be an asset – but in that her selection and the corporate media’s rush to perform mass acts of public cunnilingus on her while relegating Barack Obama’s incredible speech to the garbage bin of yesterday’s news.

The “Hockey Mom” is such a blatantly cynical and contemptibly contrived piece of red meat to be cast into the dog eat dog savagery of the mosh pit where the beasts that are the Republican base dwell. In any decent society it would be that great revealing moment like in Elia Kazan’s classic film on political immorality A Face In the Crowd where the con man turned populist hero Larry “Lonesome” Rhodes is caught on a live microphone after what he thought was signoff where he is exposed as a charlatan and a fraud by laughingly mocking the gullibility of the well intentioned folk who bought his act as “idiots,” “morons,” “guinea pigs” – or in 2008 language: the Republican Base. But this is not a sane or even decent society and no matter what sort of vision can be presented by a Democratic party too in hock to the corporatist powers that be is loathe to challenge the legitimacy of the system itself. Obama came as close as possible last night and it was truly shocking to actually hear a modern day Democrat invoke Roosevelt but unless he is able to mount a serious challenge to the gross inequalities of capitalism gone cancerous there will be little meaningful change at all, just rhetoric and a few more crumbs thrown to the peasants.

But I digress, the surprising choice of Mrs. Palin the red meat has been fed to the beasts and a complicit media will surely give her an immunity talisman lest the big fraud be exposed. The rabid loathers and red state fascists who have given us George W. Bush will now join forces with those most bitter of recalcitrant bitches that are the Hillary Clinton dead enders, they now have a champion and like the pied piper luring the rats they are going to lunge for the hook and in their blind rage to avenge their phony and prematurely crowned queen they will proceed to back a ticket that will then pack the Supreme Court with fascist clones of Scalia and Alito and continue to wage war against the very women’s rights that they have always fought for.

And Sarah Palin will be their Judas Goat.

I mean if McClown and Rove wanted a woman on the ticket for the sake of say…just having a vagina which in the hoary days of post primary animosity among militant feminazi dead-enders is what qualifies one to sit in the White House – they could have chosen Paris Hilton. Hell, at least she HAS an energy policy.

The one thing that Democrats outside of the Hillemmings should find hardest to swallow thought is that this unqualified, inexperienced nitwit will be a heartbeat away from the presidency with the oldest man ever to run for office already babbling senile nonsense and worn out after a grueling two year campaign. I am curious as to what the pros, the Vegas oddsmakers have the over/under set at for John McCain to even survive his first term let alone make it to the inauguration without keeling over if he is elected. Ironically, as sad and perverse and grotesque that this spectacle of sin and deception is, it truly is ugly in a uniquely American way in the post-9/11 wasteland that now goes by the name of The Homeland it could have been even worse – it could have been Lieberman!

And so it goes….at least Paris Hilton has an energy policy and as much national security experience as the Hockey Mom from frozen Bum Fuck does…

But that is really what this is all about isn’t it, the energy policy. Barack Obama goes on national television in one of the greatest political speeches of the modern era and makes an all out commitment to alternative energy and that just can’t be allowed by the oil corporation mafia so along comes Suzy Creamcheese with her little Downs stricken demon child, her anti-abortion crusader credentials and presto, the base has been appeased and the angry army are furiously jacking off into a sock once again. The base has been duped again is more like it, overturning Roe v. Wade doesn’t mean jack fucking shit to the Hockey Mom but playing a key role in throwing open Anwar to the looter capitalists (who can then drill it until it resembles the moon’s surface and export the oil to China) does.

The same dirt-poor rubes and country cretins who have routinely been rode wet and put up dry by the whore-mongering strip miners of America will once again buy the big lie, turn out en masse come November to throw down against that dirty Muslim darkie and his 60’s radical bomb throwers, vote against their own economic self-interests and doom their children and grand children to a life of indentured servitude, debt slavery and the now standard corporate sharecropping but they will have once again made that one great stand to preserve the treasured paradigm of the Sixties and further cement the black legacy of Nixon and Reagan in amber. And you fucking know that the fix is in when a vitriolic misogynist pig like Rush Limbaugh is shilling for Sarah Palin, say what you will about that grand poobah of white populist propaganda but he is worth every fucking penny of that $400 million dollar contract that he just signed to pollute the minds of the mindless with lies and continue to sow the seeds of discontent like some sweaty, swollen, pregnant male version of Johnny Appleseed.

I have to hand it to the Republican fascists, the Powell Memorandum and the think tanks have grown into a propaganda and idol making machine that would cause even the late Rove role model Joseph Goebbels spew his goo into his riding breeches, this thing is an awesome thing to behold because despite the overwhelming rejection of right-wing fascism among the rank and file it continues to ensnare just enough outside of that certain twenty something percent of true authoritarians that exist in any society to continue to chew up and spit out all comers while it rolls through history, cutting a wide swath through what used to be a quaint thing called American ideals. The Democratic party consultants would be wise to recognize that the most potent alternative fuel along the purpled, rotten-fruited plains is abortion and as long as they continue to defend the practice without apology or constraint it will continue to be used to bludgeon them into submission.

Change? Well the more that things change, the more that they stay the same.

And some people actually question why I do not preach the bestowing of liberal tolerance and inclusiveness towards these motherfucking fascist pricks and prickesses…

Get a clue because New Rome is burning and our path to the exits is blocked.

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