On The Utter Uselessness of Political Polls

An Idiot Nation drinks pollster Kool Aid

Been laying low for awhile and working on bigger and better things but I just have to get past this burr up my ass on the latest polls that have the Mulatto Miracle on the ropes as a result of the jump starting of hostilities with the Russkies along with all other manner of nonsensical horseshit designed to pander to the morons in this dumbest fucking country in the history of humanity.

This was a reply to a post that I did on another blog that expresses my utter and complete contempt for a most contemptible mass media and their ridiculous fucking polls.

Fascist or Fascist Lite – you be the judge!

Just like those fucking tests that they do in your grocery store between frozen shit and the new and improved frozen shit.

Just a fuckin’ rant folks….

RE – Other than Sham Polls…

Like this one because if you read between the lines the polled are those who are at home sitting on their asses in front of their beloved electronic god in the living room vs. the more savvy and informed who choose not to rot in front of their TV you can see that the numbers are skewed and a scam as well.

Now WHY is this happening NOW

A cynic like myself smells a Clintonist overthrow at the Denver Convention next week by portraying Jesus Obama as unelectable – at the very least it is pressure for the V.P. slot and we all know how well that worked out for LBJ.

On the other hand, a lot of folks including myself are pissed as hell at Mr. Obama for his feckless pandering – screw the nauseating display of him prostrating himself in front of AIPAC the vomit reflex was triggered during that false prophet Rick Warren’s travelling salvation show last week – which has turned off those of us who are very serious about this change thing and aren’t going to be hornswoggled by some finely attired frontman for the looter capitalist empire.

Now here is the funny thing, an Obama advance research operative called me at home tonight asking me what I thought.

-I said that while I have ALWAYS been a registered independent I have always voted Democrat with the exception of Ross Perot in 96.

-I said that I am furious over busting my ass to elect Democrats in 2006 only to go Judas and refuse to live up to their implied contract in ending the war and holding the war criminals accountable.

-I told her that the minute that St. Barack threw Reverend Wright under the bus for telling the truth (although it could have been expressed better) that I smelled the big con coming again.

-And finally I said that my vote will NOT go to any Democrat from now until hell freezes over until that corrupt lie of an opposition party stands up for working class Americans again.

There was a long and uncomfortable silence on the other end of the phone and then I said please feel free to call back in October.

The polls lie as badly as the charlatans that the two party oligarchy trots out as legitimate choices.


RE: Frick and Frack aka Obama and McCain

They remind me of that old commercial for chicken mcnuggets or something done by a competitor (Wendy’s?) – pieces are pieces and parts are parts. Obama and McCain are interchangible ass clowns who will do nothing whatsoever to change the course of a disastrous foreign policy that now incredibly has the U.S. on a collision course with Russia who does have nukes and a shitload of them.

I defended Obama against that filthy whore Hillary Rodham Clinton against the protestations of others as well as their good advice at the time of people not as naive as I to believe that there was enough of a functional system left that it could still be changed through traditional means – I was wrong.

The Reverend Wright thing put a burr up my ass because every damned thing that the man said was spot on and the full pressure of the pocket media kingmakers was brought down on Mr. Obama including a brutal interview on Press the Meat by the prematurely deceased courtier and stooge Tim Russert. Obama could have used it as an opening to address the issues of American imperialism, racism, state sanctioned medical experimentation on blacks (see Tuskegee) and the blowback of 9/11 (which I am a skeptic of because I still believe that it was a highly coordinated Edward Luttwak style coup d’etat undertaken by a multi-national cadre of professionals). But he caved

Then there was the putting on of that stupid fucking beanie and grovelling at the feet of those extremist right wing pigs in Israel to prove that he was trustworthy enough to continue to turn a blind eye to their monstrous human rights violations, their infiltration of the U.S. government for the purpose of espionage and blackmail and their ongoing abuse of The Holocaust as justification to wage their own genocidal campaigns.

FISA was what really soured me on the Magic Mulatto, the Democrats have NO intention whatsoever of restoring the rule of law to the land or our civil liberties and the cowardly cave in on Bush’s illegal spying (to GWB’s credit it was going on long before he arrived though through ECHELON and Main Core)and the granting of Telecom immunity for their crimes.

There have been a myriad of other things as well but the disgusting suckfest in front of the Raptureheads and misguided knuckledraggers who hate for Jesus at that fucking moronic false prophet Rick Warren’s goat barn was the final straw.

Fuck them all man, this thing is too far gone to be saved and I no longer advocate even participating in the con game by voting – it is a waste of time and bestows the aura of legitimacy on a corrupt lie of a process.

Now back to the transcription dungeon, I have about a hundred and a half pages of the Oglesby book to go but also am working on what I hope to be a dynamite piece on the surveillance state – can’t give too many details now though.

Just my two cents over the Morning Cup O’ Joe


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