Hillary’s Pennsylvania Beer Barrel Polka

Clinton is loopy to show she is a regular American Gal

Now well into the sixth or seventh week of Hillary Rodham-Clinton’s standard cynical pandering to the Pennsylvania yahoos the Clinton slime machine has found traction with a trick right out of the Karl Rove playbook. Capitalizing on a Barack Obama statement that Americans who have been fucked over by globalization and the new American feudalism are “bitter and frustrated” and often turn to God, guns and scapegoating gays as a balm for their anger the surrogates and pocket media elite have made hay for what is another true statement.
Well unfortunately we live in Pollyanna nation, a fear stricken hellhole of poverty and the requisite police state to protect us all from the brown menace seeking to attack from both our porous southern borders and from abroad where they will train camels to swim across the Atlantic Ocean with Iranian provided nukes on their backs. Until this country is unable to swallow that most bitter pill that is reality we will never be able to return to days of sanity and reason again. It’s a pretty deep fucking rabbit hole right now and it’s increasingly looking like a grave barring some sort of miracle.
I think that the day when Americans decided that the simplest of truths were deemed to unacceptable was the day when we all witnessed the epitaph for the republic being chiseled onto our headstone. Far be it from the hacks, shills and propaganda parrots in the media to take a serious look at Obama’s comments and to put them into any sort of meaningful context, they ceased to be journalists and reporters long ago and no longer have any credibility with anyone other than the yahoos, peckerwoods and rubes. These are the demographics that the Clintons are pandering to with their Rovian appeals to the basest instincts to conjure up their beloved wedge issues and avoid sort of honest discussion of the real issues like war, the economy and the ripping apart of the Constitution or for that matter our slow slide into infamy as the world’s foremost sponsor of torture and murder.
Despite her tours or rustic Pennsylvania taverns and the mocking of Barack’s girly man style of bowling (where is “the Jesus” from the Big Lebowski when you need him?) and trying to once again repackage her brand for consumption with the dumbest of the dumb (after all, who else would swallow her populism after her husband rammed NAFTA down our throats?) to dupe the media into yet another moving of the goalposts. Hell, before you know it we will be hearing of some slight, real or perceived that Obama has made to Puerto Ricans. It’s ALL about managing perception and milking this thing as long as possible so as to allow the Clintons to seduce the superdelegates into finally and belatedly coronating the Queen.

The pandering continued with yet another of those idiotic faith forums conducted for the sole purpose of luring the bible thumpers who haven’t already purchased their tickets to the blessed Rapture that a rain of nuclear bombs onto Iran will bring but it’s just more of the same bait and switch for the two party three card monte Establishiment. The purpose of these stupid fucking dog and pony shows is not to get the votes of the dead enders as the conventional wisdom would have it but to keep the focus away from the real issues. None of the rubber fetus cultists would ever vote for the Democratic party in it’s current incarnation anyway, they would rather sell their souls to Satan (which they arguably have already done by backing Bush for the last two election cycles) than vote for the party that still is defined by that great Richard M. Nixon saw of standing only for “acid, amnesty and abortion”. The Faustian bargain that the Democrats made was in their selling out of organized labor in favor of globaliziation and corporatization they were forever stuck with the millstone of being the abortion party chained to the neck of the jackass.
And to be honest with you I actually believe that the carpetbagging Clintons and their ilk like it this way, it is far easier to manipulate the sheeple. Hillary can rage long and loud about the consequences of John McCain appointing Supreme Court justices who would scuttle Roe V. Wade (which for pragmatic reasons would be a good thing in my opinion) but she did nothing to use here national celebrity status to impede the apointment of the fascists John Roberts and Sammy Alito, both darlings of the Federalist Society and in Alito’s case Opus Dei. Clinton is certainly no champion for women’s rights – or for anybody elses for that matter other than her own ruthless ambition and that of the oligarchy which she and Bill have served so well. The Clintons and by extension the entire system requires divisiveness to continue to function.
We are all being used as proxies of the Establishment in their war against the American people. Let’s face it, their entire system is crumbling before our eyes and they know that there is a tremendous hunger for change right now. They desperately need to keep the existing culture wars which are all based on the manipulation of identity groups, they NEVER would have been able to achieve the level of success that they did without that race, gender, religious animosity that keeps all of use cattle busy going at each other while the treasury has been looted and our rights stripped away one by one.
Now Obama scares them, he is bringing new people into the political system in droves who are not tainted by allegiance to the existing two party sham democracy and all of it’s phony paradigms. That is exactly why you see the Clintons working so hard to keep this American vs. American hatefest going because they ARE already a part of the elite and can be counted on to protect the Establishment and allow Wall Street to lock in their gains before any sort of unified popular revolt.
And what is going on now is only playing right into their hands by alienating the new participants and maintaining the existing divides that are so easily exploited so that the rich can stay rich, the poor will be fucked for generations and the empire can continue to metastasize until it eats itself alive.


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