A New American Idol

Just when it appeared that our national disgrace of a media couldn’t get any worse they continue to surprise. Last night’s reprehensible airing of the crazed ravings of Virginia Tech mass murderer Cho Seung-Hui represents a new low in a profession ‘journalism’ that is now beginning to challenge the long held status of politicians and child molesters for the lowest possible form of scum on Earth. Why in the living fuck other than to exploit the human suffering and of course grab ratings would NBC air the goddamned thing while the memorial services were still in progress and the victims not even buried? We all know the answer, the race to the bottom continues and well…if it bleeds, it leads. NBC only briefly got the jump on their precious exclusive but was of course rapidly followed by every other parasitical media organization looking to not fall too far behind in the Nielsen ratings. This is fucking intolerable – is there such a thing as crossing a line in this country anymore? Electronically assisted mental masturbation long ago passed reading as an acceptable pastime so is it any wonder that we suffer the curse of having the dumbest fucking population in the entire world? Sweet Jesus what an embarrassment, but what else can be expected from a nation of swine whose two most recognizable figures are George W. Bush and Michael Jackson. I wonder if FOX already has lined up the rights for Richard McBeef?

The Brain Colonists: The blowback resulting from the failure of the mainstream media to present an accurate and relevant storyline on issues of true importance is only now becoming evident and this latest sordid episode is an exclamation point on just how decadent, ignorant, mean and terminally fucked that the electronic crackpipe has made Americans. The emergence of an unbelievably dumbed-down populace – or at least the majority of it that chooses to live vicariously through a 24/7 orgy of bloodbaths, serial killers, pederasts, sports and celebrity – are primarily the ones who are responsible for the crimes of the despotic Bush regime, the ongoing losses in the relentless class warfare that the wealthy have been waging for the last quarter century since ‘The Gipper’ rolled into Washington with a bag full of tricks and Morning in America snake oil and the ruinous war in Iraq and god forbid, the glorious appearing of the upcoming one in Iran that the neocons and the Rapture ready lumpen Republicans so heartily advocate and live for.

Today more people vote on cheese talent shows like American Idol than in most elections. Ignorance is bliss and there is nothing more blissful than a herd of sheep transfixed by the cheap and easily accessible fantasy world of the electronic crackpipe. I always am fascinated by some of the random samples of comments made in Jerry Manders’ fairly obscure but very thought provoking book Four Arguments For The Elimination Of Television:

“I feel hypnotized by television”

“Television sucks my energy”

“I feel like it’s brainwashing me”

“I feel like a vegetable when I’m stuck there at the tube”

“Television is an addiction and I’m an addict”

“My kids look like zombies when they’re watching”

“TV is destroying my mind”

“My kids walk around like they’re in a dream because of it”

“Television is turning my mind to mush”

“TV is colonizing my brain”

Television also creates insecurity and mental illness, viewers of too much television are often unable to make the differentiation between fantasy and reality, look at the rise in school shootings and generally deviant violent behavior. They live vicariously through the imagery designed to sell them caricatures of a lifestyle that they in turn believe that must be lived up to in order to be ‘normal’. The barrage of imagery as well as its calculated usage to influence the psyche by those whose craft is manipulation has a devastating effect on Americans. The inability to detach oneself from television worlds breeds violence, insecurity, greed and other such undesirable behavior. This is especially true for children who are very impressionable, there are highly paid marketing firms who specialize in trying to get the products and or ideas of those who pay them seared into the minds of kids from the earliest age possible in order to create lifetime customers. Is this evil? If not outright evil it is certainly devoid of any sort of decent ethical principle but then again isn’t this exactly the sort of deviant behavior that unchecked capitalism is intended to produce?

Will there be a time when television fantasy, physical reality and dreams become indistinguishable to some? Is that time already here? The psychological dependence on television to create identity and loyalty should be a national shame. Generations that have been born into the cable television era have become more violent, more superficial, more unquestioning and most importantly, far dumber than those who were their predecessors. The rise to power of the evil regime of Adolf Hitler was borne on the wings of massive public rallies, fantastic gatherings steeped in the power of nationalism, symbolism, fire, resentment and demagogic ravings of destiny. The most famous of the state sponsored bacchanalia being the 1934 Nuremberg rally, meticulously choreographed and captured on film by Leni Riefenstahl. Triumph of the Will would become the benchmark for all German propaganda. The national madness of the German people can be seen in these rallies and films, the unraveling and descent of a sophisticated society into pure primal evil was enabled and facilitated by their entertainment. With television there is no need for mass rallies, the demagoguery and imagery can be delivered directly into living rooms now.

The Madness of Senator McCain: Mancurian McCain continues his ugly death spiral by bursting into – I shit you not – a tuneless rendition of Bomb Iran sung to the tune of the Beach Boy’s Barbara Ann in front of a hooting audience of South Carolina peckerwood yahoos who hooted their approval. Ironic that in the very state where Karl Rove took his balls seven years ago that the pathetic old man may have finally (and mercifully) ended his political career. Cheer up peckerwoods, there is always Fred Thompson (the gravelly voiced big dude from Curly Sue and The Hunt For Red October) – who knows, the party’s standards are so low that a bad actor has become their iconic father figure so anything is possible with Hanoi John going down in flames, a ghoulish Gotham drag queen, a serial flip flopper from Massachusetts and an oversexed philandering fascist dwarf as potential successors to Le Enfant Terrible who is going to be one tough fucking act to follow.

From My Cold Dead Hands: The last few days worth of harping and political posturing for gun control is as nauseating as the oligarchy mouthpieces trying to tie the VA Tech slaughter to Bush’s bullshit war on terror. Let’s get this straight, in the ‘great society’ built by Republican fascists and eugenics freaks there has never been a more necessary period in American history for the citizenry to be armed to the fucking teeth. This country is so awash in guns and so poisoned by the media’s lucrative culture of violence that anybody who doesn’t own a gun is at serious risk of being swallowed by the food chain that is the end product of Social Darwinism. Let me reiterate my point from a recent posting- there is a renegade private army for hire out there called Blackwater that is totally fucking unaccountable and does not operate under any sort of what would pass for acceptable law – translation: a ruthless and unconstitutional band of Nazis. Just what in the fuck do you think that this mercenary force, a highly trained army of killers with the best weaponry that money can buy and that was founded by extremist right-wing dominionists and rogue former intelligence operatives is going to do when it rolls into YOUR town? Don’t worry about calling a cop because they won’t be there to save you, get the point? Go forth and buy guns and ammo, fuck any past reservations that you may have had, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars – this is not your founding father’s USA. When Blackwater comes a calling it needs to receive a Fallujah style welcome – Gestapo goon squads for hire are just plain un-American and smashing fascism is as patriotic as it gets!

Bring Me The Head of Alberto Gonzalez: And finally, I love the desperate defenses of that sleazy little prick Alberto Gonzales by right-wing mockingbird hacks who play up the racist angle that the damned racist Democrats are trying to take down a successful Hispanic man who is the victim of a lynch mob mentality for doing nothing wrong in his whoring out the functions of the Justice Department to Karl Rove, Corporatists and the knuckle dragging extremist base whose idea of good schoolin’ is a phony degree from Regent University. The reverse flea flicker playing of the race card by same bunch that fans the fires of bigotry by engaging in a crowd pleasing ‘war on wetbacks’ while fielding a presidential candidate named Tom Tancredo is as sincere as the media’s bullshit excuse of the airing of Long Duck Dong turned Terminator footage was newsworthy. I used to think that I was among the most cynical persons wandering the face of planet shit, kind of like Caine in Kung Fu but compared to the soulless, amoral and devious motherfuckers running the system I am obviously a rank amateur.

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