Our Lemming State

Here is yet another outstanding column by Justin Raimondo of Antiwar.com that dares to call it like it truly is. The Neocon/Israeli joint-venture of hi-jacking America to act as a golem for the ultra-violent right-wing brutality of the bloodthirsty Zionist lunatics who continue to support Israeli agression despite it’s disastrous effects on American foreign policy and the bodies of our young who continue to get fed into the meatgrinder while traitors like Lieberman, McCain, Hillary and the rest of the bought and paid for whores of the Israeli Lobby thow out their rotator cuffs turning the crank for.

Best is that he goes after shithead fifth columnist Charles Krauthammer who if there was any justice in this pathetic shell of the land of the free and the home of the brave would have his head on a pike along Pennsylvania Ave along with the rest of the neocon, Bush-Cheney junta traitors.

Here is the link.

To paraphrase Colonel Frank Slade on the festering nest of dual loyalist, neocon fascsist snakes that is the American Enterprise Institute – Somebody should take a flamethrowner to that place.

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