Sleeping With The Enemy

It was as outrageous as it was surreal, George W. Bush the man who would be emperor issued a decree that he will veto any legislation aimed at derailing the sale of the control of six major U.S. ports to Dubai Ports, a United Arab Emirates based company with one hell of a lot of Republican connections including grumpy old Bob Dole, a company with lots of ‘grease’ that would now be in charge of major shipping operations in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia.

“They ought to listen to what I have to say about this. They ought to look at the facts, and understand the consequences of what they’re going to do. But if they pass a law, I’ll deal with it, with a veto.”

Then Bush snapped at a reporter who dared to try to pin the king down with a question that wasn’t the typical softball lobbed by the stenographers in the press corps.

“I don’t view it as a political fight. So do you want to start your question over? I view it as a good policy.”

The man who has never used the veto once during his iron fisted ‘strong daddy’ rule is now threatening it over selling our ports to the Arabs? Hasn’t the administration propaganda shops been working diligently, spending at least 1.6 Billion Dollars on public relations and deceptive advertising to support their Orwellian salesmanship? Hasn’t a good portion of the outlay of tax payer and privately funded propaganda gone towards demonizing Arabs and Muslims? The key premise of the ‘War on Terror’ is that the enemy is only those Arabs who aren’t in collusion with the sleazy rip-off artists who are running the government. There has been no outcry from either the Bush junta or Condi ‘Mounds Bar’ Rice over the fact that fifteen of the nineteen alleged 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia and accessories in the United Arab Emirates figured prominently in the terrorist plot by providing aid and support and the ruling monarchy bestowed legitimacy to the same Taliban theocratic regime that offered sanctuary to Osama Bin Laden and his jihadists.

So the man who has been allowed to declare a war on the constitution is now cutting deals with regimes that support terrorism? Even FOX’s propaganda cash cow 24 doesn’t have twists like this. Then again, the Bush administration once cut a deal with Libya didn’t it? War on Terror my ass! If there was ever definitive proof that it was all a lie engineered to give rise to a domestic police state and globalist empire this is it.

Homeland Security jefe and Boo Radley lookalike Michael Chertoff hit the Sunday talking head bullshit circuit to pimp the idea to the public that the monstrous, ever starving raging deity of ‘free trade’ had to be sated even if it meant that ports were going to be turned over to a country whose government was one of very few to recognize Mullah Omar’s Taliban as the rightful rulers of Afghanistan. Bush’s bid to allow the port deal to his and Cheney’s UAE cronies is so vile, rotten and unscrupulously shady that even his usual stooges in congress are crying foul.

Representative Peter King (the other one) of New York who is chairman of Der Homeland Security Committee as well as one of Bush’s most consistently reliable lackeys is even coming out against the outsourcing of American port operations to a longtime supporter of terrorism:

“I will fight harder than ever for this legislation, and if it is vetoed I will fight as hard as I can to override it”

Then there was the spectacle of pathalogical liar, taffy faced hypocrite and shameless conniving opportunist Bill Frist who rushed to the forefront to ‘oppose’ the turning over of the nation’s busiest ports to the ‘enemy’ although the Wall Street Journal, the megaphone of crony capitalism unsurprisingly played to their base, the Glenfiddich quaffing, cigar smoking, Lexus driving east coast elite with the following pontification on their op ed page:

“Yesterday Mr. Bush defended his decision to allow the investment to go ahead, and he threatened what would be his first veto if Congress tries to block it. We hope this time he means it.”

Other than the Wall Street ‘Urinal’ and drug addled Rush Limbaugh even the operators of the conservative echo chamber were piling on over this with such a fervor that you would think that Bush was caught receiving a blow job in an oval office closet. The best commentary however was offered by liberal blogger David Sirota in cutting through all of the bullshit to nail the real culprit, the culture of greed engendered by Reagan’s looters and corporate raiders:

“There it is in all its glory: the Establishment publicly pushing the idea that absolutely nothing should matter – not even security concerns – other than preserving the mobility of capital. And that is ultimately what ‘free’ trade is really all about – allowing capital to move freely all over the world, without regard to any labor, human rights, environmental and – yes – security concerns.”

By Wednesday afternoon the outrage was in abundance as Bush was finally gored by his own ox by a media machine that had been fueled on pure high octane fear since the morning of September 11, 2001 when Karl Rove determined that the World Trade Center attack could and would be used for political haymaking and in conjunction with the neocons and the theocrats proceeded to do exactly that in transforming the United States into a bully of a garrison state that flexed unilateral muscle abroad and battered a quivering citizenry into submission in Der Homeland.

The White House spin machine is approaching category 5 strength after the unanimous condemnation that this most corrupt of all of the deals with the devil perpetrated by Rove Inc drew. Americans have a right to be outraged given that this shameless pack of charlatans wish to have their cake and eat it too by using fear to extract compliance and sheep like loyalty while dickering without regard to national security matters with the same ‘Islamofascists’ that are regularly denounced during King George’s many scripted infomercials. I nearly pissed in my pants laughing over the brazen audacity of the FOX propagandists trying to accuse and tar non Bush administration bootlickers for bigotry and Islamophobia. Jesus H. Christ, the entire Republican party platform is so thoroughly built with the smoldering bigotry of southern hostility to civil rights and desegregation, gay bashing and misogyny that if even a small amount of its planks were to be removed the entire fucking structure would come down faster than the very twin towers that have been so shamelessly exploited by Rove and all of the rest of the unprincipled jerk offs like him for the past five fucking years!

Now the utterly preposterous claim that Bush was “out of the loop” and not informed of the deal is being used as a firewall tactic to protect the morally bankrupt, degenerate little despot.

Great defense, he’s not a crook only an idiot. The best propaganda always contains a morsel of truth.

Herr Goebbels would be proud.

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