Spineless And Slimy

“Show me a good loser and I’ll show you an idiot”
-Leo Durocher
Let’s get this straight and get it straight right now, John F. Kerry is a pandering piece of shit and whatever shifty last minute maneuvering that the centrist charlatan does in order to avoid reneging on his promise to filibuster any potentially radical SCOTUS nominees who would overturn Roe V. Wade from his 2003 words below is all hollow posturing lest he suffer any further political damage after his disastrously fucked 2004 presidential run:

“I am prepared to filibuster, if necessary, any Supreme Court nominee who would turn back the clock on a woman’s right to choose or the constitutional right to privacy, on civil rights and individual liberties and on the laws protecting workers and the environment”

Ok Frenchy, suppose you decided at the last minute to throw a filibuster party and then nobody bothered to show up? Until the above promise was interjected into the blogosphere discourse JFK (John Fucking Kerry) characteristically lurked below the surface much like the rest of the Democrat bottom feeders in the Senate, staying away from anything remotely controversial and remaining in deference to Queen Hillary of Rodham. Once he finally came out in support of a filibuster by making a big show out of his return from Switzerland for more of his trademark self-serving grandstanding on the Senate floor it was virtually assured that there would not be the necessary forty votes for invoking a filibuster despite his pontification and pandering to an increasingly disenfranchised party base. It was only after enough of his spineless and slimy cohorts in the DLC managed senate had already gone on record in support of reactionary judicial activist Sammy Alito including Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia ( whose opposition to the fascist power grab had made him a sort of an elder statesman and hero among wretches but alas his sad cave in proves that you can never trust a yahoo who once dressed up like a transvestite in white sheets and danced lasciviously under the flickering light of burning crosses.) that Frenchy decided to draw a line in the sand.

That was a real ‘risky’ move there Frenchy but it’s the same old shit as your caving in before Ohio had been fully settled was. Don’t I remember a promise that all the votes would be counted during your standard campaign stump speeches? I don’t recall any qualifiers that you only really meant that the all white folk’s votes would be counted because there sure was a lot of disenfranchisment going on per the Conyers Report. Ohio was an abortion, a disaster and an affront to democracy that we way never know the answer for given the propensity of the GOP to stack the deck in every manner possible so as to suppress, harass, deceive or outright steal votes and then have the mainstream media act as accomplices in the aftermath. You were a loser on the morning of November 3rd 2004 and you are still a loser today. But what’s a reach around from one Skull and Bones alumni to another and face it Frenchy, you are a part of the club, you always have been.

John F. Kerry was an utter phony who should have been exposed the minute that he rolled into the Fleet Center at the Democratic National Convention with Bruce Springsteen’s No Surrender blaring in the background as his theme song. He made the invocation of his allegedly heroic Viet Nam war stories the centerpiece of his pathetic campaign and then didn’t bother to pick up arms against Karl Rove’s ‘Swift Boat Veterans’ slander. Why? Maybe there was some truth about Frenchy’s limelight hogging war heroism, and his throwing of his medals over the fence after his return….he always seemed to be in the spotlight, opportunistic in keeping his name recognition up and planning the next step in his career. Perhaps his tales of battlefield heroism on deeper examination may have the same questionable taint borne by those of Bob Dole who fumbled a grenade or Daddy Bush who bailed out of a burning plane while leaving his fellow crewmen to crash into the Pacific or humble beginnings of ‘the War President’ who couldn’t be troubled with even finishing his National Guard duty after being bailed out of Nam as a child of privilege and then finding out that he could fly higher on coke than in any airplane. At least Ike had the balls to walk the walk, and no subsequent president or serious candidate has ever been fit to clean out his foxhole latrine.

Frenchy’s waffling and flip flopping ineffectiveness are all too common symptoms of the pusillanimous sissies that are the inhabitants of Hillary’s Temple of Eunuchs. Only a body ‘led’ by a man the likes of Harry Reid the champion of deal cutting appeasement and a Las Vegas casino lobby whore and populated by the likes of Frenchy, Chappaquiddick Ted, Dickless Durbin, Bend Over Nelson, Barrack ‘chamber token’ Obama, Bush Lovin’ Landrieu, Joe ‘the wandering Jew’ Lieberman and the rest of the ineffective Democratic Leadership Council losers whose ‘punt on second down strategy’ has strangely enough had the effect of being innovative and daring but has also been as disastrous in terms of accompanying unintended consequences as the Spaniards bringing along smallpox to the Incas in attempting to colonize the New World. The worst of the unintended consequences being the empowerment of a cheap, taffy-faced pimp and morally compromised stock swindling, Bush adommodationist demagogue the likes of Bill Frist whose hallmark bellicose manner and dismissive attitude towards invoking the ‘nuclear option’ to kill off the filibuster mocks and spits upon over two centuries of democratic process and tradition. The DLC stooges have no intuitiveness, no gumption, no foresight, no strategy and absolutely no dignity. ‘Hole Card’ Harry is astonishingly clueless to a the tells of a poker bluff for a man hailing from Nevada and even more pathetic a leader for not outright daring Frist to go ahead and pull the trigger, something that the shrewd HCA hustler would not go through with simply because of the mere threat of mutually assured destruction.

Where was Frenchy before it became expedient to ‘take a stand’ other than making noises about a possible run at the White House in 2008 (and what of the queen you say?), don’t these DLC losers ever learn? Selecting John F. Kerry as the best hope for regaining the White House is like some downtrodden NFL team selecting Marty Morningweg as the man whose masterful leadership qualities would guarantee a Super Bowl title. As Casey Stengel once said, “without losers where would the winners be?” and the answer is that as long as the DLC controls the Democratic party the winner will always be a permanent fixture in the Oval Office. When it comes to losers and fools there is no better example than the party whose logo of a jackass is as emblematic to their philosophy as any symbol could possibly be and the Democrats are fully deserving of it.

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