Whirring Blades

Osama Bin Laden’s latest communiqué with the hated Americans couldn’t have come at a better time, the season premier of the paramilitary torture promoting ‘24’ still fresh in the minds of anybody who was inundated with roughly one hundred or so promos during the FOX coverage of the past weekend’s NFL playoff games and just in time for a huge coordinated push by the fascist thugs of the Bush administration and the Cheney led neo cons to finally overthrow that “God Damned piece of paper”, the U. S. Constitution with such minimal opposition from the Senate Democrats that their efforts make the ‘cheese eating surrender monkeys’ that are the WW II era Frenchies look like the conquering forces of Alexander the Great by comparison.

It also conveniently knocks all of the mounting bad news about the increasing smelly mess that is a feces smeared GOP elephant directly out of the headlines and out of the gnat like attention spans of the dwindling percentage of American idiots who even bother to waste their precious time reading about matters that truly affect their lives instead of coming home from their shitty jobs, turning on the television, consuming the electronic garbage and propaganda and then returning to their shitty jobs the next morning to discuss the previous night’s television trash with their equally moronic co workers.

Additionally, the Bin Laden tape (of course it was nearly immediately authenticated by the political hacks in Porter Goss’ CIA, a monstrous agency of enormous ill repute even before the appointment of the Bush administration lackey as well as the ruthlessly effective enforcement arm of the Gods of the free market who perform the wet work for Wall Street) will lead the way for the relentless barrage of aggressive agitprop that is designed to suppress an already spineless opposition into rolling over and taking it up the ass one more time for old glory in order to just do their patriotic duty by shutting the fuck up, forgetting about the illegal spying (by the way, the government just made a grab for over a million ip addresses in a suit filed against search engine Google under the transparent and dubious guise of a porn crackdown) and abuses of power by Bush and his Nazi henchmen and keep on shopping….oh, by the way, keep a watchful eye on those liberals as well, they may just be offering aid and comfort to the enemy. For anyone who has wondered where Kinky Karl Rove had gone wonder no more, he is back and back with a vengeance.

There are several big questions that beg answers:

If a domestic terror attack is being planned and imminent will it appropriately occur on February 27th? How apropos would it be to have a spectacular event on the 69th anniversary of the Reichstag fire and then Bush could assume the full dictatorial powers that were so important to his granddaddy’s good ole buddy and favored trading partner Onka Dolph himself.

Will a domestic attack prove that Bush and his partisan hacks just may have totally fucked up when considering the potential political damage that a large amount of American casualties at Tora Bora where Osama was holed up in November 2001 may have done to the hallowed Republican/conservative agenda? Perhaps this was one time that the free market panacea of outsourcing was not exactly the greatest idea…especially when the poorly paid Afghan help were then easily bribed in a manner that would even make Jack Abramoff proud by the Saudi terrorist czar to let him slither through the lines into Al Quaeda friendly Pakistan. A thought that immediately comes to mind is that maybe Osama is of more use to the administration alive for propaganda reasons than most would ever be willing to contemplate, after all he was a former CIA asset and for all intents and purposes may still be one.

Will an attack re-launch the once mighty product that was ‘the war president’, an 800 pound gorilla that terrified critics into submission in a manner unseen since Walmart or will it demonstrate once and for all to a credulous public who have already been repeatedly buggered by charlatans playing with house money for five mother fucking years that the ‘man in charge’ is a grossly inept, mentally troubled fuck up whose ridiculous insistence that God is his imaginary playmate is the equivalent of a live grenade rolling around in a foxhole or a loose cannon careening around on deck?

Will an attack all be blamed on the Clintons and the liberals and the Democrats and the war critics and the heathens and the secular humanists? There is no need to spend much time on this one, we already know the answer.

This is a well planned out, much needed and over utilized ploy to once again invoke the fear issue to keep the leg pissing lemmings in line as the neo con drumbeat to launch a coordinated attack on Iran as the next phase in the world domination tour gets nearer by the day. The propaganda mill has been churning out anti-Iranian chaff for months on end and the echo chamber of the Krauthaummers and Kristols of the world only blow on their syndicated trumpets in order to further rouse the rabble or those sophisticated enough to have reading skills above the fourth grade level, for the rest there is always FOX and Rush.

The implications are tremendous if the American suckers again strike at the bait, any sort of attack on Iran would be catastrophic in terms of consequences. The Iranian government is already threatening to withhold their precious ebony gold from the market by cutting off oil exports which could drive the price of our national black crack addiction to over $100 a barrel and this would result in economic devastation in and of itself. When you figure in a huge rise in oil prices along with the rapidly hissing of the U.S. housing bubble and the accompanying cheap refinancing credit that allowed consumers to continue to purchase imported products at the expense of our domestic manufacturing base jobs as well as the coming stock market crisis of which recent turmoil on the Japanese market is only a harbinger of potential doom given the intricately constructed ponzi scheme that are the world markets we could be looking down the barrel of Armageddon itself. Or at least the end of life as we currently know it.

In layman’s terms, the shit may be about to hit the fan

We may be about to reap the whirlwind of the bastard Bush administration whose arrogant refusal to adhere to the laws of the land is as tantamount to treason as their failure to acknowledge a myriad of social and environmental global issues is a big John Wayne style FUCK YOU to the rest of the civilized world. If so, and the turd hits the whirring blades then we are all in this mess together thanks to the brainless flockers who worship George W. Bush as though he were the earthly embodiment God himself. We are all on the bus together and while so many millions purchased their tickets under the impression that the final destination was ‘The Rapture’ the bus is only headed toward the edge of a cliff….and the driver has the pedal to the metal.

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