A Year In Hell: Part Three

Desperately searching for an exit strategy
A Shameless Sham: The King’s triumphal resurgence in front of a national television audience on Thursday night September 16th had all of the typical hallmarks of a Karl Rove bullshit epic: the extensive attention to detail in the staging, lighting and angles that allowed Bush to be shown at the podium with the perfectly illuminated Jackson Square in the background as well as the absence of any extemporaneous activity or pesky reporters or audience members that could provide a distraction from the great and mighty leader. This was yet another meticulously crafted public relations achievement by a White House propaganda machine stocked with those highly influenced by the work of Leni Riefenstahl and given the fact that they had to truck in their own lights and generators to pull off the big con of putting the bloom back on the rose, polishing the turd or otherwise putting lipstick on the pig that any documentary footage could be transformed into a modern masterpiece that would totally blow away Triumph of The Will.

It’s a good thing that the reopening of the French Quarter and its legendary drinking establishments are the first and foremost priority in the plans for the rejuvenation of the Crescent City because you would have to be pretty fucking snockered to place any credibility at all in Thursday night’s shameless horseshit disbursement ceremony. In the speech itself there was the obligatory linking to terrorism and 9/11 although it was much more subtle than the fear mongering of the past. More predictably and perhaps more alarmingly there was a super sized helping of the usual red meat that is thrown to the radical ‘christian’ crusaders that comprise the majority of Bush’s base and the holy warriors can expect even more as Rove orders the government to spend like drunken sailors which is certain to alienate the fence sitting fiscal conservatives who are growing more nervous by the day at the profligate in chief maxes the national credit cards for present gain. The speech if anything was well put together, Rove’s screenwriters did a great job as is typical, especially the historical references which are rare for an administration determined to keep the public as ignorant of the past as humanly possible. I have absolutely no doubt that a good percentage of simple minded Americans have are thoroughly convinced that their divinely annoited emperor actually penned it himself with talent on loan from God, a real miracle from a man whose literary skills were most recently displayed while scribbling slips seeking permission to go potty, and he didn’t even use a crayon.

After playing the God and Terror cards, Bush’s dissertation also contained stunning promises of massive government largesse and the ensuing piling on of even more debt to an already unseemly deficit that is groaning under the burden of frivolous tax cuts (Bush later absolutely ruled out tax increases to finance the grand rebuilding plans put forth), an extremely costly foreign war (that for the time being much to Rove’s delight has been forgotten the mainstream media and consequently by the general public who are focused on New Orleans) and the government sanctioned graft machine that has become so overtly prevalent during the past four and a half years of Rove’s agenda and the unscrupulous reign of Tom DeLay. The massive expansion of federal government this time is sanctioned by traditionally anti-big gov’t ideological think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation and underwritten by radical special interest groups who only hate government spending of goliath proportions when they don’t control the politicians who control the purse stings.

Strangely enough the devastation wrought by Katrina as well as the indifferent initial response of the Bush administration, the GOP Congress and the Federal Government offered Americans a real life look at the true face of this country, the ugliness that is hidden behind the fantasy façade of consumerism and mass marketing, of television and advertising glamour. This drawing back of the curtain revealed the ugly little uber capitalist trolls pulling the levers of power and briefly exposing the true ugliness of the festering wound on the nation’s soul that was opened by the ‘Reagan Revolution’ and has worsened by over 20 years of the neglect of the poor and the shrinking middle class whose terrible plight has been held away as far from the public eye as technologically possible so as to allow the illicit transfer of wealth to the richest of all.

Excuse me but where is the honor or dignity in using yet another national tragedy to further a radical and corrupt political agenda? Then again, these are the same rat bastards who were using the agonizing deaths and suffering of the victims of 9/11 to advance their agenda before the first bodies were pulled from the rubble at Ground Zero and the smell of rotting flesh was freshly hanging in the Manhattan air. Ghouls exploit death and exploit it both callously and without regard to the long term moral implications that their pathological buzzard-like traits to elicit profit from the wreckage of the lives of the innocent represent. The stench of decomposing bodies was still heavy in the dank and fetid Louisiana air on Thursday, mingling with the malodorous bullshit scent of the same ole, same ole from Rove and his crew of crackerjack production experts in propping up the most pathetic excuse for a leader in American history yet again for the ever present cameras all while a large portion of the city was still underwater and the unrecovered dead lacking both the dignity and compassion that a truly humble god fearing man would marshall all forces within his power to provide.

This is the accountability moment America, do you seize this rare and maybe final opportunity to stop this insane dismantling of the social contract, of progressive government, of civil liberties, of our American legacy itself…or do you rub your eyes, change the channel and immerse yourselves in a comfortable world of familiar fantasy once again? You decide….if two plus two equals four than everything else is a given but the moment that you allow yourselves to be duped into believing that two plus two equals five then you have already sold your soul to the company store.

Putdown for the 21st Century and Beyond : “You’re doing a good job Brownie” will be used in sarcastic attacks for the rest of our lives on earth. The Bush administration is the gift that keeps on giving.
Trapping A Rat: Tom DeLay is indicted in Texas and as a result has to ‘step down’ as House Majority Leader leaving his proxy Roy Blunt in place. The legal maneuvers will continue for the remainder of the year and Denny’s House of Pigs will even go to the extraordinary length to extend their return until January 31, 2006 so that DeLay can weasel his way out of the charges in the Lone Star State. One problem with this for the GOP is that Jack Abramoff is going to end up ratting out ‘The Hammer’ and others to save his own slimy ass.

A Convenient Scapegoat: Ignorant little Lynddie England convicted in Abu Ghraib abuse scandal. The ignorant little hick slut who became the poster girl for post 9/11 America for her picture holding an Abu Ghraib prison detainee on a leash is thrown to the wolves while Rummy and his minions emerge relatively unscathed for their endorsement of the perversion of the torture sessions.

Surrender: John Roberts sworn in as chief justice as feckless Democrats in Hillary’s Temple of Eunuchs roll over again with no resistance, I often wonder who is more at fault for our current problems Bush and the neocons or the spineless Dems. You have to admit, you expect the Republicans to be rat bastards and they do believe in standing for something even if it is the evil takeover of the country.

Who Fucking Cares? Part Two: NHL Returns with ‘new and improved’ video game style rules designed to boost scoring along with new logo designed to boost merchandise sales and in a throwback to the glory days of the Gretzky years of the eighties a television contract that will forever be legendary for it’s obscurity.

A Shoe Hits The Floor: Scooter Libby indicted by Patrick Fitzgerald in Valerie Plame CIA leak probe, Karl Rove pulls off another masterful last minute scam in order to avoid indictment….for the time being.

Cannon Fodder: ‘Official’ U.S. death toll in Iraq hits 2,000, of course this does not include those who have died in transit or in medical facilities after being wounded nor does it include the thousands of newly disabled veterans who lost limbs, sensory and cognitive abilities and their dignity in the neo con meatgrinder. Who the fuck cares? Given the reaction of the corporate media that is tired of the bummer news about the war the answer is far fewer than should.

Little Scalia: After being foced to dump Harriet Miers, Bush nominates radical right wing judicial activist Samuel ‘Scalito’ Alito to Supreme Court as extremist court packing scheme rolls on, the New Christian Right and corporate high rollers rejoice while America yawns….again.


Dishonoring Veterans: Bush used a PennsylvaniaVeteran’s Day appearance as a blatant and shameless forum to launch into a political diatribe regurgitating talking points, beating the drums of fear and divisiveness and attacking war critics. As far as honoring the sacrifices of the men and women in uniform what do you expect from a man who not only used his daddy’s influence to land a coveted job in the Texas Air National Guard despite test scores only slightly higher than those of a fry cook, sending some other poor bastard to risk death and/or torture in his place but then doesn’t even bother to show up for the last year of his own service commitment. Bush also played to all of the arm chair patriots by dragging out the great hunk of brainless jingo spewing nationalist red meat that is the flag burning amendment:

“In June the House of Representatives voted for a constitutional amendment to ban flag desecration. I urge the United States Senate to pass this important amendment.”

Is it possible that there is anything more disrespectful to Old Glory than allowing it to be used as a wrapper for exteme right wing Republican turds? And what would a product relaunch be without the ubiquitous references to 9/11, Islamic fundamentalists, global war on terror, the swapping out of Pentagon created bogeyman Zarqawi for ‘Iraqi resistance’, terror, terrorists, terror, terrorists, 9/11, Al Queda, terror, they hate our way of life, Zarqawi, terrorism, September 11th, terrorism, kill Americans, militant Islam, democrats, 9/11, with us or against us…yada….yada…yada…. same old bullshit from this bunch of thieves and traitors. Veteran’s Day was so tarnished by its exploitation by the Republican Slime Machine that it was it was as though the very gates of Hell itself swung open today and discharged every damnable disgrace of a flag waving, repugnant, chickenshit sorry excuse Repug from the bubbling sulphuric dung pits where they normally thrash around amongst each other like rabid rats in a fetid nest. Draft Deferment Dick Cheney, the man who had ‘other things’ to do while his less fortunate peers were bleeding to death in rice paddies to stop the domino effect of those who in that era hated Americans for their way of life slimed out of his secluded bunker just long enough to defile the memory of veterans in an appearance at Arlington Cemetery where he dissembled once again and invoked what else…..terrorists.

Domestic Stalinism: Secret CIA overseas gulag network is revealed, White House and Pentagon outraged…..not that it exists but that they have been exposed.

Gutless Wonders: It is revealed that White Phosphorous was used against Iraqi civilians during the destruction of the city of Fallujah. The Italian documentary ‘Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre’ exposes the barbaric conduct of the Bush administration in authorizing the usage of the corrosive chemical and strips it of the faux moral high ground that it always claimed to possess but never practiced what it preached. This devastating piece is unrelenting in its honest and gut wrenching display of the burned bodies of the dead who are acceptable collateral damage in the holy crusade for empire and the global profiteering of Haliburton and the rest of the military industrial complex that traffic in human misery for their ill gotten gains.

Battle Of The Bulge II: Massive Team Bush counteroffensive begins four week blitzkrieg of propaganda and attack ads combined with distractions seek to regain momentum for fascist transformation of America. Results: A small bump in the polls and the general public ignorance as the holiday season begins.


Feeding Time For Lemmings: The phony ‘War on Christmas’ is once again promoted by right wing media goliath FOX and it’s resident lunatic attack dog Bill O’Reilly to further divide America along cultural and religious lines while obscuring real news, this tactic worked brilliantly last year and there was no reason to think that the people couldn’t be duped again….Rove and company are getting to the point where they are so predictable now. Get a grip people, Santa Claus relegated Jesus to second banana a long time before cable television even existed.
Somebody’s Watching YOU: Bush authorizes illegal spying on American citizens. Bush denounces exposure of NSA surveillance program as ‘shameful’, this could be the big one as any serious digging will surely discover that political opponents were targeted as well as domestic activist groups. Not even Nixon had brass balls this size.

Pop Goes The Bubble: A Census Bureau Report announces that new home sales dropped 11 percent in November. It will be a glorious sight indeed to see greedy Republicans ensnared in the spider web of their own speculative greed and burdened with the overpriced properties that they have leveraged all to purchase for the sole purpose of flipping which has only served to flip the bird to working class families who are being priced out of the ‘ownership society’ with alarming rapidity. With rising interest rates, food and energy prices and families that are mortgaged to the hilt an obsolete SUV or two already in the garage disaster may be on the horizon for millions of Americans. That giant sucking sound is the noise of easy refi money exiting the economy and if there is any justice the sight of homeless Republicans rummaging through dumpsters will soon become commonplace.

Darwin Wins Again: Anti-Enlightenment dogma loses out again as Pennsylvania judge rules against the teaching of ‘Intelligent Design’ as a Trojan Horse for Creationism to smuggle religion into the classroom. Don’t these people ever give up?

The Power of Organizing: A three day pre Christmas strike by the Transit Worker’s Union brings the city to a near standstill and according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg approximately one billion dollars in lost revenue was a result. This should be an very important message in an era when the power of labor is being laid waste to by corporate fascists and their political whores in Washington. As Howard Zinn puts it in his classic ‘A People’s History of the United States’ perhaps it is a time for a revolt of the guards.

The Disappearing Elections: The sham Iraq elections that had been so ardently pimped by the White House propaganda machine as proof of progress disappeared from the headlines as soon as it became apparent that not only had they succeeded in sowing the seeds for another future Islamic state but that the results themselves were being called into question with widespread allegations of fraud and vote fixing. Bush was absolutely correct when he promised to bring American style ‘democracy’ to Iraq and it couldn’t have worked out any better if Katherine Harris and Kenneth Blackwell themselves were sent to oversee the voting process. Iraqi voters are giving their occupiers the purple finger, how long will the corporate media ignore the ugly truth that thousands of American casualties have sacrificed life and limb to put into place another theocracy?

Dick’s Pick: Neo cons jubilantly ring in the new year with appointment of the corrupt swindler Ahmed Chalabi as the new Oil Minister, quite an influential position for a candidate who only managed to pull a meager one percent of the vote in recent elections. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. The sound of popping champagne corks echo throughout Washington as elitists party over resounding success of their latest sleazy maneuver.
The one consistent thread throughout the entire year was the Bush administration’s ongoing thumbing of their noses at America and continuing their onslaught on the constitution. Let us hope that 2006 brings some sort an accountability moment that they couldn’t imagine in happening to them in their worst nightmares, with the growing mountain of scandals and leaks and Jack Abramoff getting ready to sing like a canary the conditions are ripe for a massive shift in the zeitgeist. With mid term elections on the horizon in November and every seat in Denny’s House of Pigs up for grabs it’s time to flush the toilet and start fresh in January 2007 with an impeachment party!

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