The Anti-Semitic Factor

Despite all of the recent foaming at the mouth over the great Karl Rove diversionary tactic known as the secular liberal ‘War on Christmas’ one glaring point of this entire circus continues to lurk just beneath the surface. This media vacuum filling, public attention sucking tempest in a teapot has worked so well that it could have come out of Black Peter’s evil sweatshop where recalcitrant gay Republican dwarves toil around the clock to produce enough malevolent dirty tricks to counter the good of Santa’s real elves in the other wing of the North Pole corporate campus. Right wing fundamentalist hand wringing over this greatest non issue of them all has masterfully knocked stories of mounting Iraq war casualties and car bombs, Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay and the myriad of other Republican scandals almost completely out of the news while movement backed demagogues spew their venom over the ridiculously fictional ‘removal of Christ from Christmas’. With NCR fundamentalists and party activists busy declaring war over errant lawn displays, terrorizing corporate advertising campaigns and harassing the unfortunate retail clerks and waitresses who are only following their employer’s policies of inclusiveness and who suddenly find themselves being thrown into the trenches against increasingly hostile, intoleratant reactionary zealots. Am I the only one who has bothered to notice that this entire thing reeks of Anti-Semitism? Aren’t Jews one of the chief beneficiaries of the tolerance and inclusiveness of ‘Happy Holidays’?

Then again, as former Secretary of State and longtime Bush family crony James Baker once reportedly said “Fuck the Jews, they don’t vote for us anyway”, which pretty much seems to sum up the GOP/NCR/FOX alliance’s official position. The entire right wing fundamentalist movement continually targets Jews as scapegoats and ‘Christ Killers’ and has little or no use for them other than their fervent support for Israeli hardliners but then their assistance is needed in order to prepare the playing field for the ultimate game: Armageddon, the Rapture and the impending return of Christ himself (who will not doubt be more than a little pissed over the cognitive dissonance of the right wing over his true message) but more on that later. The hidden message in the ‘War on Christmas’ is as always the same old GOP bigotry only this time wrapped in colorful paper, adorned with a ribbon and stuffed into a holiday stocking. The fact that Kwanzaa and Ramadan like Chanukkah also happen to be targets of this crusade is relevant because it is inclusive of more of the garden variety racists of the party base. The more heat that the hatred of the holiday firestorm is capable of generating the better for the success of the movement and the continued iron fisted rule of der party over der homeland.

Of course it would be the reptilian Bill O’Reilly who is tasked with being the chief foghorn of the FOX News ‘War on Jews’. In rolling out their rabid, overly horny top attack dog the White House propaganda organ of R. Murdoch has managed to find a way to stoop even lower than their standard mix of outright ‘yellow journalism’, toxic spin and blatant Republican party advocacy by unleashing the very poster boy for angry and resentful WASP males to spew his hatred and rouse the drunken, ignorant, sexually repressed rabble for holiday party pogroms. And now word comes that FOX has added yet another administration shill to their already deep bench in none other than the infamous Robert Novak, himself a man who has in the past been accused by some of having anti-Semitic views. O’Reilly regularly uses his highly compensated and subsidized duel positions as a mouthpiece of the radical right in both regurlar cable television and radio gigs to pound the bully pulpit and to pontificate at length to keep the resentment that fuels the Republican noise machine in adequate supply but a good many of his rants contain a particularly nasty and barely cloaked Anti-Semitism.

Didn’t O’Reilly recently denounce Anti Defamation League president Abraham Foxman as a ‘nut’ for his questioning of dismissive comments made towards a Jewish caller to his radio show to “Go back to Israel”? This is the same Foxman who recently made comments warning of the dangers of ‘Institutionalized Christianity’ in America thereby incurring the ire of the NCR.

O’ Reilly claims that the Jewish George Soros who contributed millions to the fight against George W. Bush in last years presidential selection is the mastermind and chief financier behind the ‘War on Christmas’

Wasn’t O’Reilly one of the most ardent defenders of Mel Gibson’s bloody ‘blame the Jews’ religious opus ‘The Passion’?

Doesn’t O’Reilly regularly pillory satirist, author and radio host Al Franken who happens to be Jewish? And doesn’t O’Reilly regularly engage in attacks on the much vilified ‘Hollywood Liberal Elite’ which is just another extreme right code phrase for Jews?

Much of O’Reilly’s schtick is peppered with good old fashioned Jew baiting such as his dismissive statements during an ‘interview’ with Neil Cavuto of FOX where he stated that “Jews are less than 3 percent of the population” there implying that they do not matter and reinforcing the widely held Fuck the Jews postion of so many on the extreme right. Doesn’t this at least on the surface make O’Reilly an ally of Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al Zawahiri? Next thing you know he will be given the key to the city of Tehran and made the honorary mayor. It’s no wonder that O’Reilly is so fond of compiling Nazi style enemy lists. To paraphrase currently unemployed NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens “If it smells like a rat then it is one” and O’Reilly consistently presents evidence of Anti-Semitism and given his prominent position as a White House megaphone isn’t he simply put nothing but a highly paid salesman for Bush/Rove administration policy?

Karl Rove and the Leo Strauss disciples known as the neo cons are vigorous converts to the tactic of using religion to distract and divide in order to exercise control over the masses and this is yet another wonderful example of just how effective that the strategy can be in pitting the poor against the poor and allowing for the ruling elite to focus on the larger goals of laying wasted to the system itself. In an interesting footnote one early proponent of the taking the ‘Christ out of Christmas’ theory was none other than the John Birch society and in 1959 issued a pamphlet entitled “There Goes Christmas?!” which undoubtedly is included in the Rove library of propaganda.

My holiday wishes to all of you sycophants who pay homage to George W. Bush, Bill O’Reilly and the rest of the scum that you so hallow in your narrow minded idolatry of the theocratic movement. While you yourselves have forsaken it, the true meaning of Christ is there for you and only requires one very simple task on your behalf so as to partake in the glory… read the message and be of your own mind. Do not allow the goats amongst sheep who are all to eager to reinterpret the holy scripture for their own ends and who are all too willing to you allow you to be deceived into following their signs to wander down their primrose path to damnation. Do you ever wonder in the most silent hours of the night just before sleep comes or perhaps in the minutes just prior to waking whether you are allowing yourselves to be used by the Anti Christ? Ponder this as you wage your perverse holiday holy wars and dance your whirling dervishes to the beat of the devil drummers whose mesmerizing beat is music to the ears of Caesar himself and sing his praises, or more precisely his ‘Christmas’ carols for you have long ago left behind the days of the sincere worhip of the child in the manger undefended to the attack of the image of the institutionalized capitalist Santa Claus that relegates the Christ child to playing second banana in an America ruled by the hypocrites who you now so fervently defend.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and most importantly a big gift wrapped and heartfelt FUCK YOU to the lunatic fringe right wing Grinches who are really trying to steal Christmas.

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