A Whirling Dervish of Spin

* “Let’s not all start sucking each other’s dicks just yet”

-Winston Wolf from Pulp Ficton

The long heralded and much ballyhooed vote on the Iraqi constitution was held over the weekend and the flacks and shills promptly hit the Sunday morning talking head shows determined to mount a full frontal public relations offensive. Top neo-con acolyte one of George W. Bush’s two mommies (Karen ‘Razor Face’ Hughes is the other) Condi Rice praised the day as though it were the second coming of Christ. The woman who despite taking a run at Imelda Marcos as reigning shoe queen of the planet Earth poo pooed any 2008 presidential aspirations was in rare form, invoking an Ollie North style hitch in her voice while repeatedly while spinning like a top and throwing out administration talking points in machine gun fashion.

The insurgency was in it’s final throes once again, and Condi was both resplendent and ascendant, looking like the bomb and sharing NBC sycophant Tim Russert’s stage with Louis ‘don’t blame me’ Freeh who was pimping his new book while slamming Bill Clinton much to the delight of right wingers everywhere. Rice extolled the virtues of democracy at gunpoint in praising the Iraqi balloting and trying to shore up Dubya’s rapidly shrinking image even though a passage could alienate some factions and push the country onward towards more violence and quite possibly a long predicted civil war. Condi also subtly beat the war bongos for a future action against Syria, the next expansion of the bogus war on terror on the neo-con hit list. We had all better hope that the Fitzgerald probe brings down Dick ‘Dr. Evil’ Cheney himself or we may soon find ourselves in yet another escalating quagmire ala Viet Nam after the bombing of Cambodia upped the ante on the war. The phantom menace of Zarqawi will likely soon be spotted again, perhaps even in connection with another bogus domestic terror threat like today’s closing of Baltimore tunnels, the next few days could see a flurry of announcements of impending doom to keep the fear levels jacked on high and to distract from the dilemma of an announcement of indictments against Dick Cheney’s toadie Scooter Libby and others. Another hurricane (a media favorite) will also suck away coverage so be vigilant of stories that will pass under the radar and hit the internet and this blog whenever possible for the real scoop and analysis that Americans deserve.

The disaster that is Iraq is both a continuing embarrassment for ‘the war president’ and a drain on both the natural treasury and our young who will soon have to be sent in increasing numbers to serve as cannon fodder in the pursuit of the Kingdom of Heaven. The news from Iraq is managed beyond comprehension to allow only the positive spin to emerge unscathed from the filtering process, mainstream media outlets are tired of the downer of listing the daily explosions, assassinations and attacks on U.S. troops and are complicit in downplaying the coverage. What information that we do get on Iraq is so watered down with spin as to make it useless. King George’s hideously phony teleconference on Thursday set up the running of the flacks, the news that the entire thing was an act of make believe elicited outrage albeit only temporarily among the press and by Friday it was pretty much forgotten by all but the Bushies.

In a timely piece of retaliation, Armed Forces Radio reneged on a previous agreement to broadcast one hour of the radio show of moderate DLC mouthpiece Ed Schultz as a counterpoint to their saturation of right wing propagandist filth that the troops are subjected to while they get blown into bloody chunks while purportedly fighting for the rights of the Iraqi people to dissent and speak freely without being dipped in acid or tortured by a maniacal dictator. Such are the trivial contradictions in the most surrealist of American times. Shultz openly criticized the mockery of a teleconference between King George and ten meticulously screened military officers who were coached by Pentagon P.R. hack Alison Barber who personally called Schultz’s show with the news that he had been reclassified persona non grata. That is called censorship and has no place in a functional democracy and needs to be strongly condemned by all.

The results may end up playing very differently in Baghdad than they do in Washington, the locals are unlikely to accept an obvious U.S. backed effort at the same time that our national guard is occupying their country. More likely the results will be questioned if not held in outright contempt by a people more sophisticated than ours and one who at least familiar in passing to the shoddy record of the neo-cons and the Bush administration when it comes to free and fair elections, most notably in 2000 Florida, 2004 Ohio and the democracy by Diebold that has allowed such a radical faction to retain a vise like grip on American power for the past five years and breaking news as I am going to post this is already indicating that there are allegations of voter fraud.

Of course in an effort to spread ‘democracy’ by force U.S. forces conducted a bombing raid on ‘suspected militants’, at least 39 civilians are reportedly a part of the body count, women and children are only collateral damage to the neo con death cult and their bid for a holy empire for American Jesus.

The spin cycle is on high.

Round and Round It Goes, Where it stops Nobody Knows.

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