The OZ Metaphor

In Frank Rich’s New York Times Sunday column a few weeks back he made a great analogy to a long beloved movie in describing King George in the aftermath of the Katrina Debacle.

“ONCE Toto parts the curtain, the Wizard of Oz can never be the wizard again. He is forever Professor Marvel, blowhard and snake-oil salesman. Hurricane Katrina, which is likely to endure in the American psyche as long as L.Frank Baum’s mythic tornado, has similarly unmasked George W. Bush.”

Nothing could be closer to the truth, Oz the Great and Terrible is now no more and Bush has finally been exposed for the utterly perverse fraud that he has always been, a mockery of a leader created by a cadre of party activists, image masters, script writers, fear mongers, Jesus juice drinkers and degenerate tax cheats. Now that the curtain has finally been opened it is apparent through his plummeting poll numbers that the myth has been laid bare and the ‘war president’ is nothing more than a melding of Forrest Gump and Elmer Gantry as channeled by P.T. Barnum.

As for the Wizard of Oz metaphor regarding this most dishonest and fictitious of political periods it is both wonderfully and shamefully true. To borrow from another famous fairy tale we have gone through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole which may or may not inevitably prove to be a grave but that is for the future to reveal.

Rich pegged it dead on with the GWB-Wizard analogy and here are some more that I would like to add:

The Cowardly Lion: The craven Democrats of course.

The Tin Man: I know that this is a deviation from the intent of the original story but the truly heartless individuals are in the Republican party, the biggest gathering of ruthless bastards in U. S. history and a group so mean spirited that as the Alice Cooper song goes ‘they’d poison a blind man’s dog and steal his cane’.

The Scarecrow: When looking for the brainless you could not ask for a better example than the television addicted, uninformed and easily misled American people, the biggest collection of assorted suckers this side of the Tootsie Pop factory.

The Wicked Witch: The conflicted and supremely evil Boy Genius who with any luck is about to have a date with destiny and a bucket of water hurled by Patrick Fitzgerald.

The Yellow Brick Road: A great metaphor for the primrose path to ruin that the country has been led down by the Bush administration, the Neo Cons, the free market zealots and the Religious Right.

The Winged Monkeys: Republican toady activists and their cronies in the corporate media.

Myself, I just want to click my heels three times and wish that I could go home to the country that I used to live in again, unfortunately it no longer exists having been swept away by the tornado of 2001.

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